cramps/spasms please help

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while. I hope you are all doing as well as you can be.

I’m struggling at the moment with leg and feet cramps/spasms where it seems if I try to stretch the offending muscle it triggers a cramp/spasm in the muscles adjacent. It’s so painful and I don’t know what to do. I end up with (it feels like) all the muscles of my legs and feet at war with each other. It’s horrible. I’m also getting it in my back.

I’d really appreciate advice on how to relieve it. It is worse as soon as I lie down but happens at other times too


I think everyone has their own way of relieving the cramps and spasm, these always medication, which may work and everyone will swear their own methods of relief.

I find , if it’s:

Feet/toes, you justed have to wait or try sitting upright in a chair/bed an slowly attempt to move them.

Lower legs, try above, if not, try to stand-up (if able) or attempt to walk around abit. till muscles ease off.

Upper legs, you need help, if possible moving them very slowly or a massage may help.

I think if your able to keep active and are ableto carryout any type of exercise it is a plus. At least you are using the muscle rather than letting grow weaker.



Are you on any medication for it? If not, do you have anything against the idea?

I’m afraid I’m on a right cocktail now, but it has (finally) got it to manageable levels. I take Baclofen three times daily, with the addition of Quinine and Diazepam at night. It’s still not perfect, especially when any or all the above drugs begin to wear off. But I have not been woken so often by cramp, nor had so many really incapacitating ones that go from toe to groin. I can’t walk at all when that happens, and am in a cold sweat with the pain. :frowning:



I take baclofen 6/8 pills aday and diazepam when I think I need to like you, otherwise its just the betaferon every other day. I get the cramps when I unknowingly stretch, usually while sleeping. This often gets me up and rattling around the bedroom crashing into everything, but I know what the pain is like !! I do try to exercise 3 x a week,and this has reduced the cramps a little.



I also get painful cramps and muscle spasms in my feet and arms. The worst one is the sole of my foot at night which makes getting to sleep very difficult sometimes. I take 10mg Baclofan 3 times a day and 20mg before going to bed. Usually works well enough for me to get to sleep. I also take Gabapentin which seems to help with the jumpy leg thing.

I’m also taking codeine sulphate for non-MS related pain but it does seem to relax the muscles. Opiates are probably not a long term solution but they are certainly helping at the moment.


  • codeine phosphate, not sulphate. Duh!


I take baclofen and tizanadine 4x a day. Doesn’t get rid of them completely (especially at night) but really calms the down during the day.

Thank you to everyone for responding. I don’t take any medication for it but I think if it continues to this degree I will go and see my doctor.

When it’s in my feet it is often impossible to stand up as the pain becomes excruciating, hey ho at least the sun is shining.

love and sunshine to you all

Trudie x