Coping with cramp

Does anyone have any tips for this

Its so painful my left leg which is always my dodgy one just keeps completely cramping and all the muscles go into spasm .Its happening three or four times a day and waking me at night too.Today has been dreadful with the cramp not really going so getting around has been tricky.

I just wondered if anyone else has anything similar and can suggest anything to help

Ellie xx

I’m sure others will know of good med’s you can take… but I have heard that drinking tonic water helps because of the quinine that it has in it. Worth a try.

Hope you find something that helps soon,

Pat x

Hi Ellie Now this I have experience of !! I take magnesium supplements, amytriptyline and use tonic water with quinine in. These all help minimise the spasticity. And have recently discovered magnesium oil spray which is wondrous !! See the other post on it. Xx

Hi Ellie,

I think you will need to see the doctor, if it’s this severe.

Self-help remedies are all well and good, but I’ve not found they work for severe and persistent cramping. Baclofen has made a difference, but even with that, I still get the odd very bad one, where I camp from toe to groin. It cramps so hard, I usually get a muscle strain in the process, and am left limping for several days afterwards.

I think this is happening less frequently than about once every six weeks, on average, so it’s at a frequency I can live with - albeit very frightening and distressing when it happens (knowing nobody ever died of cramp isn’t much help, when you’re in that much pain, and the sweat’s pouring off you).

If it’s multiple times a day, not just once in a blue moon like mine, time for the doctor I think.



Its off to the doctors once again then for me I will try the tonic water tip in the meantime though as I am pregnant and theres not realy yhat much I can take ;(

Ellie x

Try magnesium as it’s a beneficial mineral and might help ease the problem. Also, some gentle stretching will probably help.

sorry ellie but i was goin g to add gin for the tonic! aybe once you’re baby has been safely delivered?

Hi Ellie,I hope things are behaving,and your baby isn’t a footy player.If a Civilian(somebody not at war with MS) complains of cramp,I would say that they are short of salt(sodium chloride) and would suggest a packet of crisps,well anything salty.Have you cut your salt intake down 'cos of your pregnancy?

Good luck with the baby,and the G+T will be waiting for you.

Wb x

Thanks all

Dr suggested the lack of salt idea as I have tried to cut it down so will add a bit and see if it helps otherwise its just a case of grin and bare it. I have stocked up on tonic and had a big glass last night which may have helped a bit.

Ellie x