is there anything other than Tonic Water to help with muscle cramps?

Hi everyone, recently I have been getting a lot of leg cramps…particularly at night and when I do my morning wake-up stretch and usually spend the first 15 mins in the morning rolling round the bed in agony trying to 'punch the muscle out of its cramp. I also had it bad in the back of my thigh the other day too. I’ve tried drinking tonic water but don’t really like the taste. Does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I mixed mine with lime juice and downed it, good luck xx

Also I use better for you magnesium oil, I posted on here b4 and seemed to help a few people.

i take a magnesium tablet,one at night,and i find that i dont get as many spasms and cramp,i also do pilates stretching excercises that the neuro physio gave me to do.

Hi Amanda,

Are you anti-prescription meds? If you’re not, there are several things that can be tried, if the DIY suggestions above just don’t help (they didn’t for me).

If you’re not on them already, muscle relaxants like baclofen and/or diazepam may help. Finally, my GP has put me on quinine. It’s in tonic water in minute amounts, which is why that’s often suggested for cramp. But the dose can be too tiny to do anything.

The prescription dose is many times higher, and has finally worked for me. I’ve not had a really bad cramp since last time I forgot my night-time tablet. I’ve also been needing fewer painkillers, which suggests daytime pain has also been a form of cramp, or a consequence of it (perhaps from straining the muscles).

Quinine is not a recommended first line treatment for MS. I was hesitant to take it, as the list of potential side-effects was quite scary (aren’t they for everything, though?) But nothing else was helping, and I was getting desperate, so in the end, I took it.

I’ve been on it for a few weeks now, and am very pleased. None of the scary side-effects, and a very good result. So much so that I got in a total panic a few nights ago, when I thought I had run out! Sometimes you don’t realise how bad a problem has got, until you take something that fixes it, and then you’re terrified of going back to how things were.

Hope this helps,


I’m persisting with yoga style stretches rather than medication. I too drink tonic water but hate the taste so buy Morrison’s own brand as (a) it’s cheap and (b) they do it in lemon, lime and cranberry varieties so it tastes a little better :wink:

The yoga stretches I do really hurt my legs at first but I am persevering and the cramps are occuring less often and my legs are much less stiff and walking is getting easier, hooray!

I lay on my back with my legs out straight and raise one leg to the ceiling with my toes pointed (not too much though as it can set off a cramp). I then try to bring my toes forward towards my face with my leg as straight as possible. I feel a strong stretch through the back of my leg especially in my calf where a lot of the tightness is and also in the sole of my foot. I try to hold it for a few seconds and then rotate my foot a few times one way, then back the opposite direction. Finally, I slowly lower my leg to the floor still keeping the leg as straight as possible and breathing out. Try to use the whole of a slow out breath to lower the leg. Then repeat with the other leg. This really hurt at first as my legs and feet were very stiff but I am seeing the benefits now and can hold it there for longer each day. At this rate I won’t need the physio :slight_smile:

I’ve also got Mr Motivator’s DVD ‘Move it for MS’ and have done a few of the exercises from there but it’s finding the time to do the whole routine. The leg stretches can be done very quickly morning and night without having to put the DVD player on so for now that’s what works for me.

Tracey x


i do a yoga pose called “crocodile twist”

my neuro physio recommended it for a peculiar cramp which was making my bum sore.

also i find a good drop of gin in the tonic does wonders!

carole x

lts important for us with ms to take magnesium along with vitd3. lf you google vitamin d3 and magnesium ms - you will be able to see for yourself. magnesium is the best to take to prevent cramp. And it should be taken at night. l always like to find a ‘natural’ solution to symptoms rather then take meds from the doctor which usually have nasty side-effects.

I’ve just looked up magnesium and I’m happy that I eat enough whole grains and leafy green vegetables to absorb sufficient through my normal diet.


I have to admit to covering all bases as the spasticity in my muscles has been horrendous…I eat all the right things (especially bananas), drink plenty of water, take a magnesium supplement, use magnesium oil and drink tonic water with quinine !! Seems to do the trick for me !! Xx

I’ve just started Ropinirole for restless legs/spasm - side effects sounded quite scary so dithered about before starting it. Had nausea on the first two mornings after taking it but nothing since. As well as helping my legs at night I have noticed that I am walking slightly better - don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. Could be worth asking your neuro for a prescription?

Some interesting posts …thank you. I spoke to my nurse today as I’ve more cramps inthe last few weeks than I have had in my life. She suggested Grapefruit Juice?! Not sure if I like it but will give it a whirl. A friend of mine also suggested the magnesium supplement so I’'m off to get some tomorrow. Have just been prescribed Vit D3 so hpefully that will make a difference soon. will soon be rattling!!

lf you google vitamin d3-magnesium-ms you will see how important it is to take magnesium with vitd3. Apparantly, you need a good level of magnesium to help with absorbing vitd3. Now that is something l did not realise.