Hi all

Not sure Ive spelt that correctly but I have seen some people recommend for jumpy jerky legs!!

I had the worst night last night as my leg was dancing nearly all night. Is it the same stuff thats in tonic water or can someone please tell me if it works and how and how much to take?



Hi Steve,

The amount in tonic water is minute compared to a proper prescription, and I think you’d need to drink gallons of the stuff to have any effect at all.

I’ve been prescribed it for “cramp-like pain” (not even sure it was/is cramp) that seemed to baffle neuro and physio.

I take one 200mg tablet each evening. It can be dangerous in overdose, so they come all labelled-up per day of the week, so you can be sure not to take two by accident.

I’ve never tried it for restless legs - which I don’t have - but it has improved my unexplained foot pain very much, and I’ve been able to dramatically reduce my intake of painkillers. It was a bit of a shot in the dark by my doc, as we didn’t even really know what the pain was, but I’m delighted with the results.



Thanks Tina. I also get a cramp like feeling in the arch of my foot normally after waking in the morning. I will mention it to Doc when Im next there. Steve x

Hi’ya, I’ve the same sort of question as I’m getting leg spasms, mostly in the morning when I wake up. Someone here had told me about drinking tonic water and eating lots of bananas but it hasn’t helped, do you think it would be a good idea to mention quinine tablets to my MS Nurse or would it not make much difference and it’s something that I’ll have to put up with.

Hi Linda, Quinine is not really a recognised firstline treatment for MS-related spasms/ spasticity, so I doubt your nurse will want anything to do with it. If you’re not on it already, I expect she’ll be more likely to suggest something like Baclofen. I am taking this too, and although I believe it helps, it still wasn’t dealing with the foot pain. I wanted a review of my meds, but all I got from the MS nurse - whom I’d only ever spoken to for the first time in two years - was an unwanted referral to physiotherapy. I did play the game and go to it, but as expected, they didn’t come up with anything new, and I came away feeling almost as if I was either imagining things, or making a fuss about nothing. It was my GP who finally prescribed the quinine. I didn’t have very high hopes, because, as I say, it’s not really a recognised treatment for MS (though a few others here are on it) and we weren’t even really sure what my pain was. To my amazement, my doctor’s stab in the dark has greatly helped. Despite initial reluctance to prescribe anything, she’s been more helpful than the hospital, who always seem to think things are either “not MS”, or I’m being a bit of a big baby. I KNOW they see a lot worse cases than me, and because I’m walking fine, they seem to think there’s no reason I should be in pain, and I must be exaggerating! But permanent pain isn’t OK, regardless that I can still walk four miles! Tina x

Someone mentioned magnesium for leg spasms but dont know how much you need to take.