Spasms in legs and feet

Hi, does anyone have these spasms, drives you nuts and seems to have no cause or relief that I can find.

It seems to affect only one leg at a time, but both legs are affected, it just feels like a mild electric shock causing the leg and foot to spasm. It is not painful, but makes me very restless and when it happens at night it either wakes me or prevents me from getting to sleep.

I take Baclofen and Tizanidine tablets to help with spasms, but they don’t make a difference to this.

If you’ve had the same experience or know someone that has and found a solution, I’d be grateful to hear from you.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob. Sounds like restless leg syndrome to me. Pain in the a***!!! I get it, usually in the evening when I’m tired (OK, more tired than usual!!!). Quite common amongst us MSers. I don’t know of any solution, sorry. I’m sure someone will know of something. Have a good evening. Al

Hi Rob Yes, I suffer the same. It used to be horrendous but I have managed to minimise them by taking magnessium supplements and amytriptyline. I have also just ordered magnessium oil spray which I am hopeful will help even more. I also take a glass of tonic water with quinine before bed and take another glass up with me which I sip during the night. These things have definitely helped and I hope the spray will contribute a bit more relief. Xx

Hi Rob, like mrs h said I also drink tonic water (with quinine in) and also take quinine sulphate tablets daily. I really notice the difference with my legs if I forget to drink the tonic water. Hope you find something that helps, leg spasms are certainly not nice!

I have had this for a couple of years and have been given clonazepam for it, an anti-epilepsy drug that works for me but not for everyone. Worth a try though - your GP can prescribe it. I think I’m on 0.5mg, but you can take up to 8mg.


Can’t really add to that. My combination is Gabapentin/Baclofen/Magnesium and Tonic Water. Its a real pain in the butt, especially when you are fatigued and doing your best to rest.

Hi Rob,

I had the spasms badly at night and just could not get to sleep. I am now taking 3 mg of Clonazepam and Keppra 1,500 mg and I sleep like a baby and it’s heaven. Wishing you luck in finding something that helps you.



Just out of interest I was drinking tonic water but was told not to drink with amtripilyn, which I take at night. Does anyone use this combination. On the amtripilyn notes it does say not to mix with quinine.

Hi Zoe Yes, I take amytrip and tonic water…I’m ok !! Xx

Mmm, this is strange, as my GP prescribes both quinine and amitriptyline!

luv Pollx

Zoe Have just checked the leaflet that comes in the amytrip box and mine doesn’t mention quinine anywhere ?!! Xx

Can’t find my leaflet, but def stated quinine, also asked my ms nurse and she said not to mix.maybe if we both check and refer back. X

Ok…will do !!

Me too.

luv Pollx