Restless legs

Does anyone find touching your legs or feet set restless legs off? A foot massage which should be a nice thing is guaranteed to cause a night of twitching hell! Anyone got any tips for stopping the horrible sensation once it starts? Thanks for any tips!

Hi there, i had this for about 3 weeks and it was awful, so you have my sympathy. I actually found drinking tonic water (make sure it’s got quinine in it) helped. I used to drink one glass before going to bed. I haven’t had it since but probably just a coincidence. Worth a try.

as carole said tonic with quinine, or magnesium tablets will help this.

Thanks both! It’s so annoying isn’t it, awful sensation, you just want to throw your leg across the room!

Thats a good Idea…may try some Gin in my tonic !

My legs are a flipping nightmare in bed and worse when I’m tired…I jump so much in bed all you can hear is the headboard banging against the wall !

Sorry…just my humour, arms and legs ( and sometimes head ) have a mind of their own

I will rey magnesium tablets , although I take multi vitaman and minerals anyway

I find tonic mixed with gin very efficacious for jumpy legs. Although others swear by magnesium, particularly magnesium oil. (Some people just swear at their legs - I don’t think this is much of a treatment plan, but it does make you feel better momentarily!)