i woke up this morning (just as the birds started singing) with horrible leg cramps and it moved to my abs. the ms hug started too. i’m hobbling round hugging myself.

i’m also dehydrated do you think there’s a connection?

that aside, hope you all have a happy day

carole x

So get drinking oodles of water, yeh?

luv Pollx

i am drinking loads of water and peeing loads too

Atta girl!

luv Pollx

Hello Carole58

I got cramp in my ankle at night, it is excruciating. Qunine and magnesium have helped

There is an underlying reason why the muscle cramps, MS is the usual culprit, MS stops the muscles working as a result of demylination of the nerve.

So a spot of physio and a chat with the MS niurse might help you. Stretching regime might help as well

Dehydration, taking any medicines?

Hope this is useful,


Hi, I get horrible cramps in my calves, feet and arms, I can’t have magnesium supplements so I resort to drinking copious amounts of tonic water (make sure it has quinine in it). Sometimes it works and the cramp stops(or is noticeably better) but other days it has absolutely no effect!!! May be worth a try? Lilbill x

Been told to eat bananas? Mine come and go. Perhaps you may find quinine helps as physio told me about that one. Try a dry ginger with quinine or tonic water. I know scweppes used to sell them, dont know if its banned now?

Are you taking Baclofen? That may help you too.

Have a drink of real ale, its wet long and thirst quenching, if not try visualise and drink water as recommended. Id also ask about meds.




Cramp - get a prescription for Quinine pills. Its the only way to resolve cramp but there may well be an underlying reason for the muscle cramp so got to MS nurse or Physiotherapist and explain problem. My cramp is 'cos of footdrop and not being able to lift foot properly

There is not enough quinine in tonic water or magnesium in bananas.

Remember if disabled then prescriptions should be free



It is a well known urban myth about Aspartame - have a look at This hoax that been doing the rounds for years and even now still crops up on here from time to time.

If you read this and scroll down, you’ll see what the FDA have to say about it. And others including the Lancet.