morning all, ms pain or kungfoo dreaming?

morning all, i was wondering if any one was able to answer a query i have about my legs. 3 nights ago i got really bad cramp in my left calf muscle, in the morning the calf felt tight. Yesterday an now this morning i’ve woken up feeling like i ran up a mountain yesterday, (unfortunately i did not manage this or any other sort of running) my calfs muscles feel so tight (not to poke still as untonned as ever-due to my lack of running up hills nowadays!) And the soles of my feet ache. Is this ms related or just too much kungfoo dreaming?

Any one else feel like this or similar?


Ive had a dull ache in my legsince yesterday comes and goes the only thing that gets rid of it when it comes is smoking a joint unfortunately i didnt sleep well as i got it a few times in the night and it woke me up its now there slightly in bottom of right leg i used to get these pains growing up now i know it was ms lurking x

My cramps can be quite bad, when they are my leg muscles ache for days afterwards.

Hello Sophie,

my calves and feet ache all the time ,I walk my dog a few times every day, and exercise my calves and thighs with resistance bands also. But I don’t seem to be building any muscle strength and wonder if I am doing the wrong things? I thank God for my lovely border collie cos know matter how crap I feel she has a real zing for life that has to be seen too!! I grab my walking stick her flinger dinger thingy for throwing the ball and off we go.! She is lying alongside me on the settee as I write happily snoring completely knackered after this mornings frolics!

hi sophie

not so much an answer to your question but…

to look on the bright side, i can kick my husband when he snores and blame it on a spasm!

all my frustrations can be let go with a good kick!

Thanks for the replys, i like that pigpen, a good excuse! i did think that but only got cramp in one leg and both ache, maybe its sympathy for the other leg or my body knows that i like things symmetrical.

I desperately want a dog, but my partner says we need a house first hes so borring!

And where does one get a joint from? As i think id happily try anything.