Muscle cramps

hi everyone, lately ive been waking up with terrible muscle cramps and have great pain in driving but as I’m a single parent with 3 school age kids I have to drive a lot! rang GP who has referred me to an MS nurse but that will take along time! Has anyone any suggestions as I’m in constant pain.

Hi Tim, Sorry you didn’t get and earlier response.

One thing that seems to work for cramps in Quinine. Some people drink tonic water that contains quinine in the evening and apparently it helps. It also comes in pill form.

A drug that can help is called Baclofen. You could ask your GP if he/she can prescribe it and give it a go. It’s a muscle relaxant and helps with cramps and stiffness.

Once again apologies that you didn’t get a reply and I hope it won’t put you off using the board. With 3 kids to raise on your own you sound as if you could do with support and usually we are a very supportive group on here.

Hope this helps,

Pat xx

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Hi Tim and welcome to the board. Sorry, I don’t really suffer with cramping either but know that Pat is right, you do need to see your gp as there are drugs that can help. Being a single parent myself I know how difficult that is, and coping with symptoms on top of that is very challenging. I hope you get answers soon. The quinine that Pat mentioned may help, I’ve also heard it mentioned before, but please see your gp, the drugs aren’t available without prescription. Good luck and please let us know how you get on and visit here again.

Cath x

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Hi Tim,

I was given quinine for a while but eventually moved on to baclofen. However I do know a lady who controlled cramps by drinking a bottle of tonic water each evening…it contains quinine and helped her enormously. I do think as Pat and Cath have said that you should see your GP about it.

Welcome to the board, best wishes,

Nina x

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Welcome to the forum Tim. I take baclofen for cramps, and although it doesn’t stop it completely, it certainly helps.

Have a word with your gp, and if you try it, start on a low dose and increase it gradually, as it can sometimes weaken your muscles.

Let us know how it goes.

Pam x

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Hi Tim. l get a lot of leg cramps my ms nurse said to try MAGNESIUM tablets 375g l just take one a day from local supermarket good for your bones to. l do try to stretch my legs that helps. Take Care Regards Jan

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Hi Tim,

I take both Baclofen and quinine, so they’re not mutually exclusive.

Although there is some quinine in tonic water, it’s absolutely minute compared to the dose you get on prescription, so you’d need to drink gallons of the stuff (probably not good for you in terms of the other ingredients).

I definitely recommend the tablets. And I’m not on the highest dose, so I can still have the odd G&T without worrying about OD’ing (it’s pretty dose-sensitive, but I’ve got enough margin to play with - as I say, the doses in tonic are tiny).


Hi Tim

I’m kind of like the others; I take 20mg of baclofen before bed every night and it certainly helps, to the extent that tasks such as driving are much easier than before.

Are you able to exercise regularly? Some consistent swimming or exercise-biking are very recommended too.

Hope things get better for you.