Leg cramps


Does anyone know of anything which can help with leg cramps? I am officially diagnosed (since last month) but have to wait until mid-July for my next neuro appointment (back on NHS after being diagnosed privately).

I’ve been quie well since my last relapse in late February, but I’m being woken by horrendous cramps in my calf muscles at night - they only last a few minutes but leave my legs stiff for the whole next day. I never had cramping before all this!

Do I just have to wait for my next appointment?

Thank you in advance X

Hi, quinine and baclofen are what I take for this problem.

But I still get some spasms/cramps.

Your GP may prescribe these, but may want you to wait till you see your neuro.

If that is the case, try drinking tonic water.................which has quinine in it.

luv Pollx

Bananas, tonic water (make sure it has quinine in it, as Poll said) and mushrooms apparently help cramps.

Baclofen is the standard med for it - your GP may be OK to prescribe it, but you might have to get approval from your MS nurse first (do you have one?). Definitely worth asking your GP for it.

Good luck!

Karen x

Just read a reply by whammel on everyday living which reminded me - magnesium is good for cramps. You can probably buy supplements locally?


I second Karen on magnesium - definitely sorted out my cramps- I take 250mg daily
Min xx

Thank you all so much - I will give the diet and supplement suggestions a go and wait it out for my neuro appointment for anything else. I haven’t got a nurse yet - hoping this gets sorted at my appointment.

Thanks again!