dropping to bits

Getting more and more muscle spasms In my legs and it feels like I’ve run a marathon, wot should I do, I’ve currently got vertigo and have to go for a scan on my knee as it keeps giving way but the doc thinks it’s my ligaments. Not ms, feeling fed up :frowning:

Are you taking any medication for your muscle spasms if not go and see doc see what he can offer i take gabapentin and tizzanidine for mine .

Hope you get sorted with something i also rub arnica gel on my legs and feet first thing in the morning i feel it helps.


Many people find magnesium helps ease spasms and worth trying before the more serious drugs.

Thanks will do

Yes, Whammel is right - do google magnesium deficiency and MS. Best to try a natural supplement rather then the serious meds that can cause lots of side-effects. Also, a neuro physio might give you exercises to stretch your muscles/ligaments or Pilates lessons will help. With your knee - if the muscles in the upper leg are tight - they will shorten and pull up the knee-cap causing pain.


i feel like I should second Whammels suggestion about magnesium because I’ve been taking it for about a year (400mg) but nothing helped the spasms in my legs till I tried clonazepam. I’ve continued to take the magnesium partly because it’s together with the calcium tablets I take, and I’ve also got a vague memory that both are needed to properly metabolise vitamin D.

But, you haven’t said if your spasms, vertigo and legs giving way are a new thing. Are they part of a relapse? Would steroids help? Do you have an MS nurse who you could run all this by?


Hi sue vertigo I’ve had before the spasms and falling are thing, I thinking could be a relapse but steroids make me really ill for a.while and I can’t afford to take work, we are dependent on my wage to pay the rent and bills. I don’t know what to do?


used to get muscle aches, legs giving way all the time. Tried a few physics and the one I have now is amazing, works me really hard, but now things good and no meds.

So my advice would be get a good physio.

Good luck and take care.


Thanks jase will look into it but I know there’s a waiting list and you can only go once a month, I know coz I’ve just been a couple of months ago with my neck pain x

Well, steroids are only likely to shorten a relapse so if you felt terrible on them and don’t want to risk it then the only thing you can do is to try to manage symptoms. Why not try magnesium in the short term, I think to affect spasms it’s about 375mg per day or thereabouts. If it doesn’t help then try an MS nurse, GP or Neuro. You could also try to get a physio appointment as there may be some exercises you can do to help. Obviously follow up with your Dr about ligaments. And try a Google search for vertigo exercises. They temporarily make you feel dizzier but it wears off quickly and they do work.


Kisten I had a pain In the neck a few months, back I asked rather un politely to leave ha ha