HELP/Advice needed pls!

Hi All,

Could anyone please tell me, of something that could help with my legs? I am having alot of trouble atm with ‘Wrestless Legs’ an it is driving me nuts grrr! I think I need to ‘exercise’ my legs more but my issue is this:

I don’t feel strong enough to get back down the Gym atm. So I really am looking for something that I can use whilst at home… Maybe whilst seated for e.g?

Any and all replies gratefully received :slight_smile:

Tc all

Anna x

Hello Anna

You could buy a exercise bike off Amazon


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If you contact your nearest MS Therapy Centre, they are a national charity th y may offer online classes. E.g my nearest one does online yoga for a donation.

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I found magnesium solved the problem of restless legs and might be worth trying. Some gentle stretching isn’t going to hurt either.


Hi Anna I am going through the same at the moment, dr prescribed me ropinirole, seems to be helping Laura


Stretching - I have very stiff calves. I have a block of wood that I put my toes on and drop my heels down to the floor. Hope you can picture it.

Or a wooden massage stick with rotating balls on the end from The torso shop.

Take magnesium tablets occasionally for cramp in my feet.

Keep well.


Gabapenten, Baclofen and Amitriptyline all worked for me. Gabapenten being the best. I have an indoor bike which helps a great deal. Magnesium done Jack for me.


Magnesium pills quickly sort it out for me. You can also get it as a spray, which you rub onto the muscles.


In the evenings sitting down watching TV my legs often go into what call the " River Dance Mode", they just twitch and jerk and I have to constantly keep moving them.

Its an odd feeling because its like my legs want to move by themselves without my brain telling them to move, if that make sense.

My spasticity consultant prescribed Clonazapam, I now take 1 tablet early evening around 7pm and they really do settle down.

I’ve tried various types of Magnesium but none of it worked, I’ve tried Sativex many times but again it did nothing.

Like Scudger, Gabapenten & Pregablin are also two meds that helped.

I had to stop taking Amitriptylen as it was effecting my liver big time.

I take 2 x 10mg of Baclofen in the mornings as thats my worst time for heavy stiff legs.

Personally, with MS I think its all a bit of trial & error trying to find something thats works for you.

What works for one person might not have any effect what so ever for someone else.

I do find that if I take a Clonazapam in the evening to settle my legs, the following morning they do tend to feel heavier and more clumsy.

My mum has an exercise bike type of thing which is just the pedals and she uses it whilst sat on the sofa rather than on a bike seat.

I was going to suggest stretching. When you’re seated, just wiggle your legs up, down, and all around. You could also try elevating your feet at night. That helps me even though I wind up kicking the pillow aside once I fall asleep.