Stiffness in legs

I wonder if anybody can advise what is the best thing to help for stiffness in my legs.

i do stretching excercises take magnesium tablets, have had physio but nothing is helping after I have been walking for a couple of minutes my legs become very stiff and very straight and painful I have to sit down,any help would be great.

Thank You,


there is a neuro med for it.

i think it’s tizanidine.

​i’m worse than john cleese with my silly walks, i can do the zombie, the robot, the crab (i sometimes walk sideways because it’s better and i dont bump into things), the drunk and the poor old woman who just wants to go to bed!

carole x

Haha never thought of it like that Carole I say I’m like those trollies in the supermarket that have a mind of there own you can’t control that’s my legs.

jenny x

Blakey and pigpen. I woke up this morning in a really bad place as struggling with coming to terms with ms but I have to thank you both for your last two comments. The made me giggle for the first time in a month. You lady’s. Are an inspiration. I’m now off to make dinner for my family in a better frame of mind thanks to you.


Haha its better to laugh about it when you can Lesley or it wIll drive you mad x

Jenny I have tried all sorts, speak with your MS nurse or Nuero I cant recomend anything that has worked for me. I even went for trials for a baclofen pump. I still keep trying though. I feel like a merman draging my legs around. I am researching LDN to see if that will work. So in answer to you question there is stuff out there just keep trying.XX Don

I get a lot of stiffness and also cramps in my calves, especially when I’m sleeping. The cramps wake me and I want to jump out of bed but never. This brings on a stint of Frankenstein like walking for a minute or so plus a lots of sweaty words. The MS Society where I live has just started hydrotherapy sessions (exercises in a somewhat heated pool) which hopefully will make my legs stronger.


Dewdrop and Blakey.

Carole is always good at cheering us all up. She has made me laugh through my bad days.

I’ve been saying it for months now. A good giggle is worth more than any meds.

I have just come back from the supermarket. Got half way round holding on to hubby then had to stop as my legs wouldn’t move from the floor. Felt like I have deep sea diving boots on. It’s not nice is it?

Outside now eating a lovely white chocolate magnum Yummy!!! Got to treat ourselves haven’t we? Just got to make sure I don’t start dribbling!!

Keep smiling

Shazzie xx

Other than Don, and the baclofen pump, nobody seems to have mentioned the firstline treatment for this: baclofen.

No, you don’t have to have it as a pump - most people have pills.

Is it really so deeply unpopular nobody’s willing to give it a plug? I’ve found it an absolute godsend, and very well tolerated - none of the horrible side-effects some people have reported.

At the very least, I think it’s worth a go to see if it suits you.

DIY remedies like stretching and magnesium tablets are all very well if the condition remains mild, but sometimes they’re just not enough.

There’s no particular virtue in insisting you will only take supplements, but NOT a prescription. Not that I’m suggesting that’s your view, Jenny, but some people seem to think: herbal stuff, all good; prescription stuff, all bad. In reality, why restrict yourself? Prescription stuff is out there because there’s good evidence it works and is safe for most people. So if self-help is missing the mark, it might be time to see what the doctor can do.

I couldn’t believe the difference when I started baclofen. I’d been putting up with pain I’d stopped noticing I even had, because it had been there so long, and I’d assumed nothing could be done (like a noise you don’t notice 'til it stops). I should have been on baclofen years earlier, but as neither I nor anyone else realised I had MS, that would have been rather unlikely.



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Hi everyone…

i got diagnosed 5 years ago… touch wood not really had any problems til recently…

I have been back and forth to the doctors about the pain, they do xrays and tell me they think i have arthritus in my hands and hips… seen by rhmatologist… how ever you spell that… she said i dont have anything wrong with my bones apart from two cysts on my left hand little finger… that it is an MS issue. yet my neuro tells me its not…

I cant peel potatoes or do daily things with out pain, i cant work more than 20 yards without pain in my legs and hips.My legs feel so heavy like they have a cement block attached. My back always feels like its breaking… and now i wake up with severe pain in the middle of my back… but yet there is nothing wrong with me so im told. I have to go for yet another mri on my back to check things out… I’m just at a lost cause… is it the ms or is it something else… arghhhhh!!!.. gets a bit much when you cant feed your kids properly and everything has to be frozen so i dont have to prepare things. I have to get up early in the morning so other half can help me gettin dressed, i am asleep by 7 every night and its putting a major strain on my relationship… Just where do you go from here… I’m at my wits end. xxx