Stiff legs

Over the last few weeks I seem to be getting really stiff legs. Particulalry in the morning. Sometimes I feel like I’m a tin woman :shock: ! Wondering if it is my MS or something else…does anyone else experience this? Em

My legs feel like this all the time, but they have gotten worse over time! Hope yours improve soon Tracy x

Same here - no idea why, sorry. Marcus.

Hi, my legs are always stiff, to varying degrees. I take sativex which tends to take the edge of it. Cheryl:)

Hi, I’ve had stiff legs for about 2 years. Was put on Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant - takes a while to get the dosage right as can make you wobbly. Also was sent to a physio who gave me exercises to do. I bought a wooden roller massage thing from body shop which I use on my calves every day. Get in touch with your Dr. and good luck. Jen xx

Stiff legs are very common :frowning: It’s caused by hypertonia (tight muscles) and is normally called spasticity. Baclofen and other muscle relaxants can work wonders. Neurophysios can be really helpful too. You could call your MS nurse and ask? Karen x

Hi, Have you eaten anything different over the last 2 weeks as food can have a big impact? Heather

Hi I get this too, as well as cramps in my calfs(?) and feet. I take 10mg of baclofen 3x a day and it has really helped. As for diet, I find that alcohol makes it worse so I’ve cut that down too now. Hope this helps Jess

My legs can be really stiff if I sit still or lie down for too long. I get really bad muscle spasms in my calfs and hamstrings too. Tizanidine works well for me (Baclofen made me feel dreadful) along with yoga to stretch all my leg muscles out each day.

Spasticitiy is what I have been told it is. I take Baclofen pills to help relax the muscles. That is what my Neuro prescribed for me. It does seem to help me some.

Hello, I have stiff legs pretty much all the time now but they are at their worst when I am tired and have overdone things physically. My left leg is particularly bad and doesn’t like to bend at the knee! They are also bad first thing in morning of if I sit too long. So I suppose taking things gently is the way to go. Gill

I have been experiencing stiff legs as well. I started to take baclofen a muscle re laxer but it has caused me to have a problem. My hands are now so weak I can not hold a cup so I’ve stopped taking them, I will have to ask my Doc about this. I would rather have stiff legs ( like being a Robot ) and to be able to hold a cup. Have a nice day, Derek

I too suffer from really stiff legs that are worse in the morning. I tried Baclofen which made me really tired and didn’t help my legs, and I’m now trying Amitryptilene which doesn’t seem to be helping either, but is helping me sleep better so I might continue with it. I really want to try Sativex but my doctor is stalling and trying to contact my neuro who I never see, so I won’t hold my breath! I find yoga really helps, and I also swear by Tramadol which has helped me cope with my symptoms enormously. I feel that if only we knew WHY our symptoms are so often worse in the morning, this could lead to an effective treatment.

Lately my legs have been spasming and go stiff alot, when i get out of bed or get up out of a chair my legs shake, sometimes uncontrolably and i can’t walk. I dont want to go anywhere cos its really embarrassing. Im on two 10mg tablets of Baclofen a day but now im feeling as if there not working.

Its so embarrassing, i really don’t know what to do!!


My legs are also stiff, especially after sitting down for a while, then when getting up they won’t go in the direction I want to go and end up going round in a circle and falling onto the nearest thing I can reach. The only time my legs aren’t stiff is when I have a myoclonic jerk then they fly all by themselves. Clever this MS is!!

Janet x

I just say it is that ugly monster taking controle of all our bodies x

i aslo suffer from stiff legs I find standing holding onto bannister ,standing on tiptoes and holding for 30 secs ,them going back down slowly ,repeat a couple of times , u will feel the benefit of this over time,it stretches ur hamstrings,and loosens ur legs

i aslo suffer from stiff legs I find standing holding onto bannister ,standing on tiptoes and holding for 30 secs ,them going back down slowly ,repeat a couple of times , u will feel the benefit of this over time,it stretches ur hamstrings,and loosens ur legs

i agree with ‘wellman’ i do the stretching excercises along with pilates given to me by a neuro physio, and my core strength and legs are now stronger, you have to do the excercises every day though,but they do help with the spasticity and pain, i also go on my excercise bike for 10 minutes a day when able to.

jaki xx

Another vote for trying physio.

Every day I do try to follow at least some of the stretching exercises I was given last year and I think it does help.