I’ve just read a number of posts about fatigue. I definitely do not have that problen but there is another one. I always feel very stiff, worst when I wake up. I do exercises to try and keep me supple especially my legs but its definitely getting worse. I can no longer run or take stairs two at a time. My hamstrings are getting tighter and my thighs just generally ache and that is all the time. Does anyone else get incredibly stiff and have you any solutions?



Hi Patriclk,

Same as you, I get very stiff calves - can’t run etc. . Take baclofen and do stretching exercises given to

me by physio. Good one is to stand on the edge of a stair facing the stairs (bottom one for safety) and shuffle to your toes.

The weight of your body will stretch your leg muscles. Either both feet together or one at a time. Hold for count of 30 relax then repeat.

Other one is doing lunges -pushing legs out to the back one at a time.

Good luck, Jen


Yup take Baclofen already, essential as is Gabopentin. Standing on the stairs sounds good but my balance is very poor. I will try it out anyway.

Stiffness, its horrible, worst is in the morning after a good nght’s sleep

Thanks for that,


Hi, yes I get this, and I too take Baclofen and Gabepentine, but I have to keep increasing my dose, my physio supllied me with a roll to place under my knees when I go to bed this is to help stop the legs getting stiff in the night it does help a little, and yes I do exercise when I can, not much help, sorry, take care, Jean x

I’m afraid to say that this is essentially all part of having MS! if you find a solution and share it you will have many eager listeners :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick, stiffness is my worst problem, my balance is also very poor. As to stiffness, yes it is worse when I get up, that’s one of the reasons I’m not keen on long lies, the longer I am in bed the worse I get so better to get up and get going! I find it hard to step into the shower first thing in the morning (a shower is the first thing I do every morning) and my husband helps me, yet later on in the day if I am cleaning the shower I can step into it ok on my own. My stiffness is always there to varying degrees, I take sativex which takes the edge of it and takes the tight feeling out of my legs but sativex makes me high so I don’t take it when I am working or driving. I didn’t get on with baclofen, it makes me too sleepy. Cheryl:-)

Hi Patrick

Have it also I try to keep mobile but like you it is getting worse , also medication for MS only made me like a rag doll and it made me fall more so no more medicines . I hold onto the stairs amd try and get something to hold onto on the flat but like what has been said any cures very welcome