Good morning all,

i have spms and get terrible stiffness,I have tried baclofen but the hallucinations were dreadful.who takes different tablets for it.

Hi Puzzle, I’m sorry to hear this. Do you notice anything that helps reduce stiffness other than medication?

I get stiffness in my legs. I’m not on any medication for the stiffness as I’m concerned about side effects. The stiffness is getting worse.

I notice just after a warm shower my legs feel slightly better and also sometimes after a walk. If I have the shower water too warm this doesn’t help and also if I exercise for too long the stiffness gets worse.


hi puzzle

i also have painfully stiff legs.

i have tried several meds but none worked or had side effects i could not cope with.

there are gentle exercises you can do from a chair.

ask a neuro physio for some ideas.

carole x

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Hmm I have had PPMS for over 25 years and tried all manner of medications and to be honest I have never found one that works it is either I go like jelly (Baclofen pump) or the side effects are horendous so now dont have any drugs for MS just painkillers and antidepressants. Good luck if you find something that works for you I just react to drugs badly and it is now low on my list of things to do.

I did have BOTOX injections at Kings Hospital but the benefits were out weighed by the effort to get there and back so kicked that into touch. I may have to give the Baclofen pump another go if my leg muscles become so stiff I cannot transfer.


Cloneazepam. They have the side effect of making you sleep quite well so, as long as you take them late in the day, they work. You do have to be careful about dosage though as they are a benzodiazepine so you can build up a tolerance.

But if your stiffness is earlier in the day, they wouldn’t be any use really.

Lots of people use magnesium. Tablets or oil.

So, maybe a combination of magnesium, stretching exercises and possibly a drug like cloneazepam or diazepam for later in the day?


I had acupuncture for leg pain last year. I did seem to work initially but then the pain came back after three sessions. I wonder if self-acupressure might help also as it’s based on points like acupuncture?

A book for sale on the web mentions acupressure can help with leg pain.

Awake now with stiff legs, worse after exercise. Now and then when I can manage it, I go to a pool where they have a jacuzzi which is very bubbly and forceful. I go at 7 in the morning when hardly any people are there because I work my way down from my neck, to the bottom of my spine then do my thighs, knees and ankles in particular on one of the really bubbly pressure thingies. You can see why I don’t want people looking! The water is generally quite warm too. For a while after this I feel much better and have hardly any problems with stiff legs. It comes back after about a week but for a while the heat and bubbles ease it a little.

Hi Puzzle,

I take a mixture of baclofen and tizanidine for muscle stiffness in my calves.

Also do stretching exercises and use a wooden massage roller - from certain person shop store.

Hebeyellow - I used to do the same in a jacuzzi. but don’t go to the gym anymore as too difficult.

Jen x



I havnt long been diagnosed​ but before that i began taking something called evening primrose oil which is still under testing but can be bought online, legally, and seems to help ease the aching.

Hi, I am new here and from Germany with SPMS. I use normally a light cortison creme for the skin and emulsion for hairy parts of the body. Within some days the problem should disappear.