Stiff legs

Just wondering if anyone suffers with extreme stiffness in their muscles in their legs? Mine are so bad I feel like I walk with my legs more or less straight as a result of my worse relapse ever last June, for about 2 months I couldn’t walk I was referred for physio but I have been waiting 8 months for it I seen the physio for the first time last week she has given me excercises to do but I feel they make it worse. Any advice would be helpful Thank You Jenny x

Hi there. I wish I could give you a solution (a natural one anyway) to your problem but sadly I can’t. However I can sympathise with your situation. I had a relapse back in 2012 where my legs seized up and I could hardly walk. Lasted about 2 months. Ever since then I’ve suffered with stiff feet and legs. When I get out of bed in the morning or when I get up after sitting for a while, my feet and legs are rigid and it takes quite a few paces before they start to loosen up. I spoke to my neuro about this and he said there was medication I could take but I kindly declined (I take enough) so for now I’m living with it. If your up for taking anything for the stiffness then speak to your MS nurse or neuro.

lisa x

Thanks Lisa hopefully starting on gilenya just going through all the tests so don’t really want to start any other medication aswell Jenny x

Try better for you magnesium oil and epson bath salts xx

Could be spasticity so ask your GP for Baclofen.

Moyna xxx

Hiya moyna does baclofen work differently to gabapentin do you know.

thanks Jenny xx

hi jenny

baclofen is a muscle relaxant. works a treat on the spasms but zonks me out,

my husband came from the pub an hour after i’d taken one.

he likes to chat away about anything but can’t understand that it’s like waking up from an anaesthetic!

tizanidine is also good for stiff legs.

carole x