Extra stiff leg

Hey people,dont know what’s going on but my good leg is more stiff than usual and walking is such a struggle that i dont like walking anymore. Ive increased my baclofen up to 70mg a day and dont notice any difference from when i was on 30mg a day. Its just my good leg is now my bad leg and its so frustrating. Mri is clear,no activity on it. Not sure why ive got worse the last few days and was great for a few days then bad again.

While MS activity will change symptoms, I think my stiff legs are down to too little exercise sometimes and too much exercise other times.
Going through my shoes at the moment to weed out those I will probably never use again. Wore some old walking boots and was surprised that they actually helped with not scuffing the soles of my feet on the pavement, but my calves have been stiff afterwards.

Crd i think the last 2 years pandemic has made me less active than i was too. Too much exercise made me stiffer too but that was only for a day. Funny cos i bought a few new pair of shoes and hate them all, i loved my old pair but they are falling apart now. My legs are like tree trunks and it tires me out. So tough to go a few feet with my stick holding me up.

I had a spell of cramps at nights. I have found massage helps sometimes. Stretching also helps.
Put off drugs when MS nurse pointed out they work on all the muscles not just the ones you are having problems with.
Up to four online exercise classes a week (Yoga Pilates X 2 and cardio) all specialist. Also try to ensure I walk/shop on the other days. I was doing OK until I had a relapse impacting my balance at Christmas.

I totally agree with CRD. If you are able, try some Yoga or Pilates to maintain flexibility. Plenty of online resources if you can’t get out to a class. Good thing about the online is you can dip in & out of different modules to find the bits that work for you - I find whole workouts are either too long or have elements I can no longer do.

The other thing to try is a foam roller. Literally squish out the acheyness in your legs, hips, glutes and with care. your back. Such as This One, though other are available. Depending on your upper body strength, you may need help getting down onto the mat and propelling yourself back & forth over the muscle that needs working. I work from home and move from desk/chair to yoga mat a couple of times a day to ease the stiffness.

Thank for the advice and i have a foam roller and do some stretches most days but this is nothing like iv had in a long time. The stiffness in my good leg is pretty bad and walking is a struggle. Ive increased my baclofen dose and its still not doing anything. Im wondering is it a relapse or something else but my mri is clear of activity,which is great. Ive tried wearing different shoes but that doesn’t help either. Il struggle on and hope it will pass but ive had it a few months now. Possibly the cold weather not helping things too.

Hi there Jimmy , Have you considered that the new ms symptoms might be due to an underlying infection / or an increase in stress which might be whats causing a 'pseudo flare '. Its just a thought … maybe run this possibility past your ms team ?
I have to move around after sitting for a while , as the lack of movement makes me stiffer. Its so annoying . Take care, and I hope things get better for you.

Hi silver queen, i did think of a pseudo flare but this has been happening for months but not all the time,i dont seem to have an infection. Not being active enough is definitely 1 thing ive been since the pandemic started. I don’t do as much exercise as i used to do and when i do some i feel better the next day. Im always moving at home (slowly though). I increased my baclofen dosage and dont feel any difference too. Maybe i need more.