Leg dragging?

Hey everyone, The past few days my left leg has felt like concrete and is now dragging! I had a MRI in January and LP in April which confirmed Ms I have not had any medication or help from MS nurses yet , it’s really getting me down now I have an appointment tomorrow with my GP haven’t heard from my consultant since my LP I really don’t know what to do! I have two kids off on summer holidays and can’t even walk anywhere except my home, can anyone suggest what to do to help this leg so I can get about a bit Thanks

Hi, I have this same problem and am fairly recently diagnosed. If I walk too far, both legs feel like they are trying to walk through mud and want to collapse. Im learning what tires me etc and its so frustrating. had steroid infusion done yesterday, so waiting for things to happen.xx


Do you think that it is spasticity in your leg. If so ask your GP for baclofen,it can reduce stiffness and heavyness caused by spasticity.

Moyna xxx

You need to speak to your MS nurse asap. There is always the possibility of trying a course of steroids to speed up the recovery process. I would suggest keeping a clear record of all such episodes, when they occur, symptoms and duration. Good luck JC

Hey everyone, I don’t have ms nurse yet, seen my gp today she’s not happy i haven’t had any help from anyone not yet on meds either, so she called an on call neoro and a ms nurse things are moving now! (About time) she had put me on 500mg steroids for five days and have an appointment with ms specialist on Tuesday @ hospital so hopefully I get the help and support I need. Thank you :slight_smile: