Dead leg

Ok think I’ve had a relapse on my left side. My left leg is slight weak. But later in the day or just particular times of the day. It seems to go right strange . And I feel like I’m dragging my leg along. Maybe because it’s weak it fatigues more I don’t know. Has anyone one else experienced this? Or anything similar. Thanks Simon

Back in the good old days when although my wife knew she had MS it wasn’t really affecting the quality of her life too much she could still walk about three miles completely unaided.

There were days however when the fatigue would come over her near the end of a walk and frequent rest stops would be needed.

There were even occasions when for the last 50 yards or so she would have to physically move her left leg with both hands cos it just wouldn’t work on its own.

I’m afraid to say its been all downhill from there, hugely affected by catching Shingles (also nerve based) back in 2014.

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Hiya Simon

I saw it post yesterday but didn’t reply cos I had nothing reassuring to say.

I refer to my dead leg and have to get others to move it-tho I am usually in powerchair nowadays.

Keep moving it for as long as u can!


Thanks for the replies. It seems to be getting worse and not working right One minute OK the next it’s not. Must be deep into a relapse. Started in my ankle and working it’s way up .


You should talk to your MS nurse (if you have one) or your GP. Even if you don’t want to take steroids, getting it noted on your records is generally a good thing.

And if it gets much worse, then definitely do this. Or see if your neurologist can fit you in for an appointment. (A long shot I know, but maybe!)


Hi sue thanks for reply. Do you think I need steroids.everyday it’s worse. I though relapse came on suddenly. Thanks Simon

Hi Simon

Only you, together with your doctor or MS nurse can make the decision as to whether steroids are a good idea.

And as far as whether relapses come on suddenly or over a period of days or longer, I suspect MS does what the hell it likes! I do think that if symptoms have been with you for several weeks (and remained static or are slowly improving), you’ve missed the window for steroids to make any difference. I think that a relapse occurs because there is active inflammation in your CNS. Ie, your immune system is reacting against your myelin. And steroids work by damping down the inflammation. So if the relapse is still getting worse, then that would imply that the inflammatory activity is still going on.

But really it’s a case of talk to your MS nurse or GP. A lot of GPs (including mine) really don’t know much about MS so will prescribe steroids if I ask for them. The one thing you absolutely need to be sure of if you decide to take steroids is that you’ve had your urine tested just to be certain there is no underlying UTI. I know it’s probably unlikely, but it’s something that can cause some weird symptoms and taking steroids without checking that out first is a bad idea. (Because steroids are damping down your immune reactions so any infections in your system are likely to get worse with steroids.)

Hopefully it won’t keep getting worse, but if you have an MS nurse, talk to her/him about it.