Can anybody suggest some worthwile supplements ? I take vitamin D3 and am on copaxone , usual multivitamin and omega3 but wondered if anybody could suggest anything that has helped them , thankyou

hi gaz

i take a multi vitamin/mineral called MSsential.

​they are huge pills, (horse pills) but have everything in.

including 4000iu of D3.

this suits me because i don’t want to be taking individual tablets for each vitamin. also seem to be tailored for ms.

they are shipped over from the USA, a little pricey but i’m no longer buying loads of different vitamin supplements.

i also take magnesium to help with my awful cramps.

B12 injections give me a lift.

hope you find the right ones for you.

carole x

Oh Carole I would be interested in getting those horse pills! Lol what are the details so I can order some. Thank you xxx

just google MSsential

i just checked and it still comes up.

spell it with the first two letters in capitals MSsential

carole x

Great I did find them created by a man called Matt who has MS together with his brother. I am tempted to try them. Do you feel any better taking them and do they cost roughly 49.95$? They are a bit pricey but if they work I will try anything.

Rach X

l did take them for a while - shall go back to them again as they do have ‘everything’ in them - over 40 vits/minerals. Even Biotin which we have recently heard about. BUT they are huge and hard - and it is the smell l do not like - and you need to take 6 a day. As for the cost - l think it probably works out cost effective if you are taking lots of the vits anyway. l always ordered two at a time - as l think the post charges works out better.

lt was someone on this forum who l learnt about MSsentials - lt must have been Carole.

i have just started taking mitoq, they are expensive but i feel they are at least worth a try,they are an antioxident, google them there are some good reviews that seem genuine,i have only just started taking them so i have to wait a bit to see if they do help.

i also take vitamin D, magnesium, B12 and a probiotic too.