Hey guys,

Just wondering if you can help me…at the moment I’m taking vitamin D3 but I feel like there are alot more vitamins and supplements I should be incorporating into my daily routine.

I’m constantly researching but confused with all the conflicting info.

Would any of you recommend anything? Id appreciate any advice :slight_smile:


Hi Laura My consultant suggested I ought to take Oil of Evening Primrose and I also take K2 to help absorption of D3, Zinc and magnesium malate. I take a few others too but that’s because I had some gut and blood testing done and was advised to take stuff.

Hi moirah,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Zinc and K2 appear to come up frequently x

Hi Laura, I brought a book by Judy Graham ms naturally there is lots of great advice and loads of information on what supplements to take

During my first episode of parasthesia in 2010, 3 years before my eventual diagnosis, my neurologist recommended that I take 5000 iu vitamin D3 each day. I’ve done that ever since that day (no medication) and will continue for life. I have no way of knowing if it has had any effect on the course of my disease progression, but with my current relapse rate about once every year or two, symptoms “only” being fatigue, parasthesia and optical neuritis so far, and recovery about 80-90% between relapses, I swear by it and consider myself very lucky.


Hi Laura

I take D3 and cranberry pills (meant to help with bladder health), and I occasionally take magnesium as it helps with restless leg syndrome. But apart from that, I just eat a lot of different fruit & veg, as I’ve heard various things saying that’s a better way to get vitamins than supplements.


Hey Dan ,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I think magnesium will help me too then, restless legs seem to be an issue lately…

I thought the same, I thought lots of fruit and veg plus D3 would be enough, but after doing some research and hearing about about all these different vitamins, was slightly overwhelmed Lol


Hi Laura

Yeah, you can spend a small fortune on a veritable smorgasbord of pills, all claiming to be linked to something. But there are risks from taking too much of some supplements. So I reckon do your research if you can, and find out what those things are found in naturally.


Thankyou for your advice :slight_smile:

When first diagnosed, through advice from “specialists” I took Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Iron , Vitamin B3 and others which I can`t even remember.

I take nothing now except Gabapenten for sleeping and feel much better for it. Plus my wallet is fatter as well.

A balanced diet is enough on its own.

My consultant has told me numerous times not to waste my money on supplements. The only thing he suggested was Vit D3 5000iu right at the beginning of being diagnosed 6 years ago, which I have taken religiously every day, 6 years on I’m now SPMS and far worse, so even though I’ve managed to push my D3 levels up it hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference in what course my MS has taken . An haematologist did advise me last year that anyone taking D3 should always take Vit K (MK7 version) along side the D3 as it helps the D3 absorb correctly, otherwise you can get calcium build up in tissues such as kidneys. But thats not specific to people with MS, it’s general advice if taking D3, especially in high doses.


Hi Jactac

I was dx…d 2012 with ms, now progressed to SPMS. I take Baclofen throughout the day to help with leg stiffness.

Vitamins consist of Vit D3, Cranberry & Magnesium. My healthy diet of fruit, vegetables & fish provide me with other adequate


My mode of transport is an electric wheelchair (courtesy of wheelchair service). Reading these threads it seems to me that the

majority of msers are/have rrms & are amblutry? What is a good website for SPMS?

How do you know it hasn’t made any difference to the progression? You might have got worse sooner or be even more disabled now?

Hi anon

There are plenty of people on here with SPMS or PPMS, and plenty of people who are wheelchair users (I’m one of them )


Because I’ve progressed and keep progressing, as simple as that !!!

After a relapse 3 or 4 years ago it was found I had virtually no Vit D in my system. Since then I have been taking it regularly along with k2 (prescribed by my GP in the beginning, but now have to get them myself as my levels are all normal now) and magnesium for restless legs. I also heat a health diet. Sharon

My experience of taking Vitamin D3 prescribed by my neurologist at 2400iu daily since 2012 is something similar to yours. I haven’t had any long relapses and recent MRI didn’t show any new lesions. I also take Omega 3.

Have taken Oil of Evening Primrose Oil for years - because it was recommended by a doctor I’m not charged VAT - don’t know if that concession is on-going.