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Can someone please tell me, what extra Vitamins / Supplements should we be taking on a daily basis please? I used to take a few extras but then went in to hospital for a bit and then when I came home; I went out of the habit. I remember taking ‘Vitamin D drops’ but I am sure that I used to take others too…

All help I am grateful fot, so Ty in advance all…


Anna x

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I take 4000iu Vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, zinc, cod liver oil capsules and oil of evening primrose.

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I take

1 x 5000iu D3

2 x 100mcg Vit K2 MK7

If taking high dose D3 it is highly recommended to take Vit K at the same time, best version is K2 (MK7).

Vit K helps the Vit D absorb correctly in the body.

Too much Vit D can cause calcifying in organ tissue, such as kidneys, Vit K helps with this.

Both Vit D & Vit K are fat soluble so take with food.

I’ve tried Magnesium but it did nothing for me.

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Can you tell me what you take the following for please: Vitamin K2 but also what is the MK7

Anna x

Someone else has answered about K2. Zinc is supposed to be really good for the immune system, magnesium for general health and well being, cod liver oil helps with stifff joints and oil of evening primrose was suggested to me by my consultant who said it eases joints and aids mobility.

Vit K like many other vitamins comes in various forms.

If your research Vit K the best form to help with calcium absorption is VitK 2 (MK 7), you need this because taking high dose of Vit D3 raises calcium levels, sometimes this extra rise in calcium can calcify in tissue such as kidneys and arteries, Vit K 2 (MK7) basically helps with absorption of the extra D3.

You can obtain Vit K1 fairly easy from diet, but K2 not so much, the body can transform K1 into K2 but the transformation rate is well below what we need, and thats before you start increasing you Vit D levels.

Take a look at this site ;

[removed by moderator}

Or Google supplementing with D3 & K2, you’ll find the majority of advice recommends taking both together.

@ moderator

Why remove that link ???

It was not promoting any brands, it was offering simple advice on the use of Vitamin D & vitamin K.

It’s up to the person reading the advice if they want to follow it or not !

Honestly, you moderators absolutely baffle me, there are countless threads on here where members offer helpful advice and suggest anything from brands of vitamins supplements to mobility aids and in some cases put the the links to sites, yet for some odd reason you just pick and choose on a whim what stays and what goes.

@ benedormbuggy

Might be more useful to check out advice from another more helpful MS forum where the mods are more helpful and not so narrow minded.

I can only apologise.

magnesium is great for leg cramps/spasms.

get it in spray form and massage it in.

better than swallowing a tab because it is absorbed more effectively transdermally.

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OK playing devils advocate here. (saves money).

Every year i have full bloods including the usual B12, vit D, calcuim etc levels. I had my results the other day she gave me a GOLD STAR lol.

i take no supplements well not quite true, i take a garlic tablet and cranberry.

anyway she rang me my doctor and said i give you a gold star. everything is spot on as it should be, you are on paper healthy lol. including liver, kidney, b12 etc etc. so why do i feel so ill all the time. lol.

its been decided its my flat which is very hot and muggy.

anyway i think before anyone takes supplements they should see their doctor first and have blood tests to make sure they need them. the only one i know which helps MSERS is vit D but all good.

I eat a very healthy and varied diet, with lots of colours. i eat fruit everyday, dark greens i have at least 10 minutes outside when its not raining lol for vit D.

I save a fortune on supplments. to be honest i cant swallow half of them and would choke lol.

but i do think we should check first. this is my opinon only. I have decided that my MS nurse is there and now i use her. she has been brilliant with me, and we have become friends sort of.

she keeps me sane lol. I must admit eat well is so satisfying and when i got a gold star off my doctor i was chuffed as bloaters lol.

BUT it might all change tomorrow lol like an MOT a car can pass one day and fail the next so i never get complacent lol.



Totally agree Crazy Chick.

I think theres a specific test if taking D3 though, I might be wrong but I think its called something like 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test, I dont think its the same as a standard Vit D blood test .

My MS consultant advised me to start taking 5000iu of D3 the day he diagnosed my MS almost 7 years ago, he didnt arrange any blood tests at all, he just said “you need to get your D3 levels above African levels”, those were his exact words.

I just started taking them without any questions, some years later I started having very high iron levels in my blood and also developed kidney stones, so I needed to see a haematologist for the iron problem and a urologist to sort out the kidney stones.

The urologist wasn’t surprised at all that I had developed kidney stones taking 5000iu of D3, and neither was the haematologist, they both suggested that anyone supplementing with high dose Vit D should also be taking Vit K2 to help with correct absorption of the D3.

No issues since taking K2 alongside my D3

Apparently D3 & K2 work side by side within the body.

But I agree, bloods need to be checked before supplementing and also on a regular basis.

I have just been prescribed 2 x 20,000 IU D3 once a week after a blood test. No one has mentioned K2 MK7 being prescribed alongside the D3 supplement. I am concerned having read that K2 helps prevent calcium building up in soft tissue, seemingly a consequence of high dose D3. I have left a message for ms nurse to contact me re same when possible but started the D3 supplement last Friday and am worried about taking same this Friday without K2. I have no idea what dosage would be needed of the K2 to ensure no calcium build up in the soft tissues, grateful for advice, thank you

Hi Hubble,

I think this is the problem when neuros advise to take take D3.

Many neuros/MS consultants believe there might be (yet to proven) link between MS & Vit D, so its one of the first things they advise us MS’ers to start taking…

When I was diagnosed my neuro strongly advised that I start on D3 (5000iu daily), there was no mention at all regarding Vit K.

It wasn’t until I developed kidney stones a good few years later and had to see a urologist consultant that I was advised to either drop the dose of the D3 or at the very least increase my Vit K intake to help with the calcium absorption that was building up due to the higher intake of Vit D.

He specifically said VitK2 (MK7) as this is the better version, and also it’s the more difficult for the body to make by itself.

Around the same time I needed to see an haematologist consultant who took numerous blood tests.

On my very first visit with him he went through all the results and was happy enough with most of the results, but noted that my Vit D levels were high, so I explained about the D3 supplement of 5000iu daily and why I was taking it ect, he repeated almost exactly what the urologist said, that its a good idea to increase the bodies Vit K intake, in particular with Vit K2 (MK7) if high doses of Vit D are being taken.

I tried to find out some info online and was surprised that indeed it is a good idea to to increase Vit K if supplementing your Vit D, I then spoke with my neuro and mentioned what both the urologist & haematologist had advised, but I was a bit surprised by his answer, he basically said that “vitamins or how both Vit D & Vit K work alongside one another are not his field, but I should keep taking the Vit D3” !!!

“Not his field”, yet he’s the one who suggested taking 5000iu of Vit D3 !!!

Personally I think if a consultant is going to advise ANY particular supplement, especially at a high dosage, he/she should at the very least have a basic understanding of how that supplement works within the body or might effect how the body reacts to it, and also as it’s them who advised the supplement they should be the ones who carry out regular ongoing blood tests.

Theres loads online regarding the partnership between Vit D & Vit K2.

I’ve put a link on here further up but some narrow minded moderator took it away, god only knows why ?

I’ll see if I can find it and send it to you.

Thank you jactac. I was diagnosed in 2018, my consultant said he believed I had same for approx five years prior. I have been trying to help myself through diet etc and asked for a blood test as I was thinking of taking supplements IF I needed same. I explained this to my new consultant who asked my GP to arrange for a blood test a couple of weeks ago. My GP prescribed the D3, but thanks to reading this forum it made me aware of potential health issues which I certainly do not need on top of the ms. My only way forward seems to be self help and I have found your posts and others very helpful. Thank you

Can you tell me where you get your Vit K from? I get my Vit D from (removed by moderator) but I can’t find K on their website.


Jan x

Hi Jan,

Just sent you a PM.

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Hi Hubble,

Glad to be of help.

When I was first diagnosed I came on here not really knowing what to expect, my consultant had already told me that I had MS and what MS was, how it effected the body ect ect , I was then passed onto my specialist MS nurse in another room who told me what his role would be, the MS physio was next in another room again, I was then sent home with a bundle of paperwork to read up on MS, one of those papers was a leaflet about the MSsociety.

It was a lot to take in and understand even though the “experts” had just spent almost 3 hours going through everything with me.

Now though, 7 years on, the reality of having and living with MS far far out weighs the explanations given on that awful day.

I’m not saying the experts get it all wrong, or God forbid certainly not implying not to listen to them, but theres nothing like hands on real life experience, just reading some of the threads on here you can more often than not identity with what that person has written or what he/she is going through, ok we all get different symptoms and we all try to deal with having MS in our own ways, someone might suggest something that another person might say didn’t work for them, but ultimately we are all in the same boat trying to deal with the same illness, so you could say we are the ones with hands on experience, dare I say, the real experts !!

My GP has said countless times how she learns from me when we are discussing my MS.

I take various vitamins C, D, magnesium, calcium, and zinc daily. Additionally, I drink herbs: rosehip, and other types to cleanse the intestines. This I take as additional enzymes because I, unfortunately, have neuropathy, and there are disorders. I damaged a nerve on my finger, and it turned out that after I broke my arm, and my bone tissue heals very slowly, which is why I have to monitor my diet and take supplements. In addition, to my illness, I have to take painkillers, because when I sit at the computer for a long time, I have pain in my finger, although I almost don't move it. I also take them based on herbs and usually make a large order for [](, for I take them often enough. Since I have a long rehabilitation period, I preferred a drug made from natural ingredients rather than chemical ones.

What is type of D3 and K2 you taking? I heard that liquid form is better than others in absorption. I was taking drops and my results are increase