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I had some great news today or should I say yesterday. I had the results of my latest MRI. I have no new lesions!

This means I have had no new lesions in the last two and a half years, at least and previous to that I had only one new lesion between scans. So, one new lesion in four years.

I was ecstatic when I got the news. My neurologist was really annoyed with me at my last appointment because I do not take medication and have not done so for several years. I did some exhaustive research on supplementation and this has completely validated what I am doing. I am extremely pleased.

I just thought I should share this with you. This forum was extremely supportive and important for me in the first few years of my illness and people offered some incredibly good advice. So, I just wanted to share my good news with you all.


Excellent news. Good for you.


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Thank you very much indeed. :slight_smile:


I hope you will be celebrating in time honoured style and taking us all down to the pub for a drink.

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Great news for you, unfortunately it’s not having the same effect on me - I’m having a sensory relapse at the moment despite my best efforts :frowning: Sharon x

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I would love to Albrecht. We will all look drunk before we have anything to drink. The cheapest piss up ever. :slight_smile:

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This is great news. I can’t help being a tad envious, but all the same it is great to read of at least one of us winning their battle with MS. Long may it continue! Moira

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I am really sorry to hear that Sharon. There are certain things that are really good for inflammation; Omega3 and Ceylon cinnamon. I’m sure that you take Omega3. If I get a whiff of anything, I take cinnamon. Not the stuff you buy in the shops, that is Casia cinnamon and has coumadin in it which is basically warfarin. I also swear by vit b12. I’m sure you are probably taking that too. I take 3000 mcg a day. Floradix is brilliant too. I took that for three years and I didn’t get any major problems. I hope that this helps and I certainly hope your eye settles down. Is it Optic Neuritis?



Thanks very much Moira. I really appreciate that. I was extremely happy yesterday. For me , it seems I am very intolerant to medication. I have tried Copaxone, Rebif and Tecfidera. Tecfidera was extremely horrible for me. So, really I have had to try other remedies. Fortunately, it seems to be working.

Some coincidences here.

My last scan also showed no new lesions in 4 years since being diagnosed, in fact the 3 that I have got in the spine show no increase in size either.

Neuro did say though that increase in disability does not always mean there will be an increase in disease/lesions.

But she still said it was positive news.

I’ve also only stayed with the basic of MS meds, and have even reduced them over the years as I don’t really get on with pills and potions.

Last but not least, I’m also a taff. So happy days all round.

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Ceylon cinnamon ?

How do you take this and what sort of dosage ?


Good stuff. I take 1/2 tspn in hot water, mix and then add cold water. It’s quite rough at first but I love it. I used to take it everyday but it started giving me gout like pain, so I just take when I feel I should. It’s brilliant for getting rid of MS anger and for inflammation.

I’m from North Wales. I live in London though. Been here for 24 years. Going back to Wales for Christmas. :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Nadolig Llawen!

Diolch yn fawr. Nadolig Llawen hefyd. :slight_smile:

Btw This is the complete list of stuff that I take, if anyone is interested.

My aunt was diagnosed three years ago and is using this list and hasn’t had another relapse.

Vit b12 (3000 mcg)

Vit d3 (5,000 iu). Great for balance.

Omega3 (1 - 2 g)

Calcium (250mg)

Magnesium (200 mg)

Acidophilus (3 billion)

St John’s Wort (HRI Good Mood)


​Ceylon cinnamon (1/2 tspn dissolved in hot water, when necessary, brilliant for mood)


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Nadolig llawen iawn, newyddion da. xx

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Which type of Magnesium ?

Citrate. It gets adsorbed more easily than oxide.

btw please take low doses of vit d3 and vit b12 to begin with. These are very high doses. So i would try 100 mcg vib12 and 1000 iu for vid3 to begin with and then taper upwards if you are OK with this.

Taffs rule o.k.

Iechyd da pob Cymro t-- d-- p-- S—


(Val - assure you this isn’t a rude message - or is it?)