good news!

Hi everyone. I have seen my neuro today. He had spoken about me starting on Mitox, and I went through thinking and researching it, the ECG, blood test/bp taken. However he has now said that I am doing well without any treatment. My physio has given me a triwalker and footup, and today the neuro timed my walking, and it is now the quickest he has ever timed me at! This is after me walking into the hospital from the ambulance bay (I normally have a porter to take me in a wheelchair). He now doesn’t want to see me for another 6 months unless I have a relapse. I am feeling better than I have for ages. I am on a diet and have lost half a stone in a month, and my walking better is also giving me a mental boost. :smiley: Positive Mental Attitude :smiley: I really think there is something in this! Lynne x

Lovely to see some good news! I hope things continue to improve :slight_smile: Karen x