Afternoon all,

Just had a two hour consultation with my MS nurse, back after an extended period of ill health, and she's referring me back to another neuro I've seen before for a discussion on my motor symptoms, neurophysiotherapist for help with an exercise programme for me and the continence advisory service for help with urgency issues, phew! The prolonged discussion with her has helped my mood immensely as I was beginning to feel REALLY despondent about my situation and the fact that I need to ask people for help with various things, something I don't like having to do!

Thanks to you all for listening (reading!!) and hope you're all keeping as well as possible, you certainly keep me informed and amused even though I don't post too often...thank you!!

Dawn. xx  happy2

What a brilliant consultation! Congrats happy2

I hope all the appointments come through very soon happy2

Karen x