Vitamin D3 in the news

Hi Everyone, hope you are all not too bad today.

Well, did we all see the news reports this week? I quote “Vitamin D Supplements Are Largely Worthless”. They were talking about bone health specifically but went on to mention other conditions. But of course nowhere was MS mentioned.

Yet another perfect opportunity to educate the public and the media about MS generally and the strong association with low vitamin D3 completely passed by. We are invisible. Taking Vitamin D3 can’t do you any harm and will probably do you a lot of good.

I’ve had my rant,


Since being diagnosed with MS (5 years ago) I’ve taken D3 daily after being advised to do so by my MS consultant.

I also now take vitamin K2 as this supposedly helps the body use the D3 in the correct manner ?

I find though that taking D3 is a bit of a grey area.

I take 5000iu daily, never missed a day, my D3 levels are now in the higher range, which is what my MS consultant recommended and wants to see, however depending on who I speak to in the medical field they all give different opinions on whether its worth taking the D3.

It definitely hasn’t slowed or altered the course of my MS.

I recently needed to see a haematologist consultant, and when I gave him a list of my meds he immediately said I wasting my time with the D3, but did add that if I was determined to keep taking it make sure I take K2 alongside it to make sure it’s (D3) being used and absorbed correctly, something to do with calcium build up ?

A urologist told me something very similar a few months ago when I had a kidney stone.

My dietician and some GP’s at my surgery all say “better off with a balanced controlled healthy diet”, but yet I still take it because my MS consultant said so !

It only seems to be my MS consultant that argues to take it, yet it hasn’t done anything for my MS ?

Oddly when I asked about Magnesium to the same consultant he laughed it off and said, “save your money and go out for a nice meal”, yet many people with MS swear it that helps them !

It seems like everyone has a different opinion !