A very good weekend to everyone

As the sun is shining and Im in a happy mood, just wanted to say: HAVE A VERY GOOD WEEKEND all my fellow msers. Whatever you do, do it with a smile and good fortune should come our way (well here’s hoping eh)

take care,



Thankyou bren, just shows what a bit of sunshine can do for you is’nt it? pity the vitamin D3’s don’t have the same feel good factor in them!

Enjoy your weekend too


Thanks Bren - I hope your weekend is great. Make the most of today’s lovely weather and chill! Teresa xx

Bren, The ‘chicks’ are enjoying the good weather- and are very active - They run along flapping their little wings and actually manage to take off! - Eating everything they can find. l have been giving them lots of ‘chard’. lts grown so well this year - must like the rain. Also l have been giving them greek yoghurt for a treat. Looked up - online about keeping hens and it was on a list of ‘favourite’ foods. Mealworms is another. My OH did get them some from the place he gets his fishing gear from - they loved them - but they were very expensive - so they won’t be getting that treat to often. l shall start them on Growers Pellets next week. Their newly refurbished ‘grown up’ hen house is nearly finished. lt has had a couple of coats of preservative on it - so l shall leave it for a few weeks before putting them in it as it does smell a bit ‘chemically’. lt has a new floor and roof - in fact there is not much of the original hen house left.


hi bren

i have been out! only 6 miles away but managed it! slept for 3 hours when got back.

hope ur weekend is good too.

ellie x

Hi Ellie,

Cannot use the private messaging service, its not working for the time being.

I took off to buy new knickers earlier on in the week, came back and shook for the rest of the afternoon, only did a few steps from disabled parking bay to shop. Perhaps it was the shock of me buying new ones?

Its good to get out and about isnt it. Love it when the sun is shining beckoning us to go forth. Its worth it though isnt it.

Enjoy your weekend,



Hi Bren, happy weekend to you too, and everyone else, and an especially happy weekend here in Aberdeen since it is a local holiday and I am off on Monday and the schools are off too. I sent you a pm, I did seem to have a bit of difficulty sending it but think you should have it by now, lol. Cheryl:-)

Hi Bren,

And a happy weekend to you as well, and get those knickers back on, the weather is changing!!!



Janet, these new ones are pure white, just like OMO used to get them. Perhaps I should change my soap powder or maybe not keep them as long. Mind you the size did need adjusting. At least as my mum used to say: ‘clean underwear in case your run over’ Im dressed for the part (:o)



Hi Cheryl,

Im wishing for another lovely hot week for you to spend sunning yourself, if you get chance. Happy holiday. Here it feels like winter is decending brrrrrr. Needed them there new knickers, getting fleece lined ones next.