Today has been a good day

Well after a bad week and two days in bed we went for it today Dover Cliffs the white ones over looking the harbour. Took picnic and a camera . If I am able to do it we are due at a bbq tomorrow wish me luck I reckon I will need it. Night folks I need my beauty sleep.


Hi Don, nice to hear things are improving. Enjoy your BBQ tomorrow.

Ann x

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Hiya Don, sounds like a good day glad you’re feeling better and able to get out and enjoy yourself. I remember reading a book about the white cliffs. It was written by Eileen Dover…

Boom boom! Old but gold :wink:

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"…and though I’m far away

I still can hear them say

Thumbs up!

And when the dawn comes up…

[altogether now]

There’ll be bluebirds over

The White Cliffs of Dover…


Glad you’re back on track. Take it steady today, buddy.


ps obviously written by a Yank, we don’t have bluebirds here!

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Hello Don,

Sounds like an excellent day. We’ve never done Dover apart from getting on a boat. I remembeer one very early summer’s morning as we arrived, there was a low sea mist and it looked as though the castle was floating on its own cloud-quite magical really. It was something to think about during the subsequent 12 hours spent on French motorways.

Today it’s the last night of the proms-good BBQ entertainment.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Sounds like a lovely day out Don.

Hope you manage to bbq today and you get good weather for it.

Grey and overcast in London.

Pat xx

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Hi Don

Glad today was good, hope you enjoy the BBQ, and then rest.

KeV, the only “bluebirds” I can think of is Cardiff FC, although they now play in red!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Pam x

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