So hard to live with brain fog

I am currently waiting for a referral appointment to neurology due in Jan because of suspected ms. My symptoms are fatigue, muscle weakness, tingling /burning in feet and ankles, tremor in hands, dizziness, headaches, migraines and severe brain fog. It is the dizziness, headaches and brain fog that I wanted advice on. I’m a fulltime mum and used to spend my days writing a blog as a business, tracing family tree, reading, etc. The brain fog makes it so difficult to do any of those things.

Even online Christmas shopping feels like huge effort. I have suffered from it off and on for three years but continuously now for three months. I just seem to spend all day watching daytime TV and am so bored. I used to run and do yoga but even gentle stretches for ten mins make my muscles weak for rest of day. I don’t feel safe driving because of dizziness and brain fog. I do walk the school run and take the dog out every day for fresh air and exercise. So firstly I wanted to ask if my symptoms sound like ms and secondly if anyone experiences brain fog like this and how they cope. I can put up with living on sofa all day but just wish I had my brain back. Thanks.

What blood tests have you had done so far? I used to have ridiculous brain fog sessions - blood tests showed that I had extremely low Vit.D levels, so I am (now) on iU 800 per day D3 - I was started on 3,200 iU per day to get the levels up. I have a brain fog moment from time to time now, but nothing as severe as I used to have. It took a while to get the levels back up to anywhere near normal, but the first time I had a full day without a brain fog was amazing! Everything else still hurt like hell, but at least I could think straight to see a way through it.