Travel motion feeling

Hello all

Just wondering if other people suffer from the feeling as if you’ve just got off a boat, so a sensation of moving or slightly swaying but not vertigo or nausea even when sitting or lying down and it doesn’t effect your balance.


Hi chatterbox. Yes I get that feeling. It is so weird!

Thanks Deb. Trying to work out if it’s due to my ms or something else. My GP isn’t sure, he has mentioned MdDS , but I’m not sure unless it’s a very mild version of it. He is going to write to my neuro to ask if it is due to MS.

Hi chatterbox. There are all sorts of weird symptoms of ms but you probably know that already. I am amazed a what it throws at me sometimes!

i don’t have the swaying, but over the last year I’ve frequently felt that I was carsick.

I get carsick/motion-sick in my wheelchair

Jan x