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Had a weird feeling yesterday, I was reversing the car into a space and just as I was almost in the car to my left drove out. THEN I HAD THIS SENSATION OF RUSHING BACKWARDS NO MATTER HOW HARD I BRAKED IT WOULD NOT STOP. It only lasted seconds but seemed longer, and was scared me silly, thank goodness I was not on my own never had anything like this happen before .any ideas , anyone please

hi eve

my neuro (bless him) said that things like this could be sensory overload.

i was telling him how impossible i found busy shopping centres at christmas - lots of jostling, noise and children dashing about.

it feel better to have a way of explaining how i feel.

carole x

hi carole

now you,ve told me I,m the same , if in a busy space I walk with my head down , if I look up I can loose my balance so easy .This was the first time it has happened when I,m sitting down . One thing about ms there is always something new to deal with , life is never dull

eve x

I know what you mean Eve! I don’t drive but I’ve been a passenger when the car I’m in is stationary, but the car beside me has started to move forward, it’s a strange feeling & a few times it’s made me grab something because I’ve felt as if I’m falling, even though I’m sitting down!

Rosina x

Spatial awareness could be to blame, when our senses are awry. Moving backwards can make our brains go funny…it does mine sometimes. X


It’s happened to me when I’ve just parked the car and the car next to me reverses, it seems as if I am still moving forward i slam on the brakes for a moment till I realise what’s happened. I don’t think its MS related, it’s just our brain being confused for a moment. Very odd feeling though.

Jan x

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Actually, Eve (and Jan), this is a very common optical illusion.
I used to see it quite a lot when going to school on the train many years ago.
You are on a train - stationary.
Another train on the next track pull away, and you think that the one you are on is going backward - even when you “know” it is stationary.
If you can look to the other side you can see that you are not moving.

Apparent motion can be a very powerful illusion.
It is not an effect of MS - as such.


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