Forum! Headspin....

I had a great start yesterday morning and managed to arise at a semi-reasonable hour ready to take on the world. I felt positive and reasonably well barring a little pain (nothing out of the ordinary)


I was sat down and all of a sudden felt as if the ground had been pulled from below me. I was falling and the room seemed to be spinning around me.

I have never experienced such vivid feelings of motion without physically being on a fairground ride and was left feeling physically sick.

Frustration then set in. Why oh why do I keep experiencing wierd and wonderful symptoms out of the blue, just as I think I am getting over my ‘illness’? When will I be able to get back to normal and return to work?

I am becoming so confused by the wicked tricks that my body seems to be playing on me

Welcome to the weird and wonderful(not!) world of MS and its cronies .

Vertigo is a common nasty. Thankfully there are meds that can help so don’t suffer in silence if it happens again - go ask your GP for something to help.

Something that you may have in your medicine cupboard already can sometimes help - anti-histamines. Worth a try at least.

Karen x

It is a deceitful little bugger is the nervous system! Waits until you are looking elsewhere and then slips you a micky!