Feeling Confused

Hiya everyone!

i have been run down for over 3 years now (Frequent tonsilitis, mouth ulcers etc) all of which the docs kept saying was just due ‘to working too hard’. In the past 6 months i suffered from numbness down my right arm which GP then said was ‘nothing to worry about’. Back in Feb I was suffering bad with vertigo, went to docs and was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis and this passed after meds. Then got it again (at least thats what they said)a further 2time, each time worse. The final time i was very ill and taken to hospital where they said it was a migraine. Still feeling unwell and being left with my entire right side numb i went back to a nice GP who referred me to neurology. They’ve since done an MRI (awaiting results) but doc says she’s not too concerned re MS.

I asked if they could scan my spine also but doc declined as she said ‘oh you can’t not have lesions in your spine and not your head’ what a load of Tosh! so i’ve found on here.

Nowi’m waiting for the results and signed off work feeling pants.

Just wanted to say HI!

Waiting and worrying for test results is zero fun, but don’t add to your worries by concern about not having enough scans. If it’s MS that has been causing your problems (for instance, if your vertigo is the particular brand of vertigo that MS causes) it should show up all right. And if they see something that makes them think they should take a look at your cervical spine too, that’s what they’ll do, I’m sure. Just try to take it one step at a time (not that one has much darned choice in the matter, but going with the flow can make it feel a bit less of a struggle!)

I am sorry that you are right in the thick of limbo-land, and hope that you don’t have to wait too long to find out what is amiss.


Hi MummyOwl, sorry you’re feeling rough. Maybe it’s time to ask your GP for a referal to see a neuro? After more tests he might be able to give you a better idea of what’s wrong, be prepared for a long wait though. In the meatime keep a diary of your symptoms, that’ll help when you’re asked any questions.

Good luck & I hope you feel a bit better soon

Rosina x

One possible alternative is to see a neurologist privately - then if it is MS, the usually refer you to themselve in their NHS role.
Can shortcut the wait quite a bit. Any good neuro can do a physical exam and see if one-sided numbness is perhaps spinal - and set up an MRI scan to confirm this. Now you are in the system.

If you want to try this, look at the local BMI or BUPA private hospitals and see who their neurologists are. Now check all the nearby District Hospitals and see how many of them are in easy reach, and which neuros are where. Ring the private hospital for an appointment - and this will probably mean that your GP has to fax them a referral - but this can cut months off a months-long wait.