Feeling lost and confused

Hi, Just joined,

I have been feeling unwell for some years now, started over 3 years ago and still know no more than i did then.

It started will waking up not being able to feel my legs or even move them as they felt like lead weights, Since then i have been to the doctors 100s of times always coming away feeling like i am just a pain to him. I have had a MRI scan which was clear, i have had physiotherapy, injections in the spine, pain killers but nothing seens to be helping. You could say i have all of the symptoms of MS and have even told my doctor that i was worried that is what i thought it might be. He said it could be Fybromyalgia but after ready lots of information im not sure that is what it is. I had to stop working for sometime but am now working again part time for a company that understands and are great, I struggle to do day to day but make myself keep going as i beleive keeping going is keeping me sane, Sadly things are getting on top of me and dont know if im coming or going. Is there a test i can insest on having to either rule MS out or at least bring me closer to knowing whats going on

Thank you, if only for listening to me rant on

Thanks Helen

Hi Helen and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you have been struggling so much over the last few years. There is not one single test that can diagnose MS, it’s a diagnosis based on many things including your clinical history, MR imaging, Lumbar punctures and evoked potentials to name a few!

If it’s been a while since you were seen by a neurologist i would ask your GP for a new referral. If it’s impacting on your day to day life then you need to find some answers, If your GP trys to fob you off then try and see a different one. When you get see the neuro they may like to repeat some tests like the MRI, to see if anything has changed. It can take a long time to diagnose MS as it can mimic so many other conditions. If you know something isn’t right, keep on fighting and stay positive. Nothing stays hidden forever.

Good Luck, L x