Spinning but not, anyone had this?

I know symptoms ar completly different for everyone and i have had this feeling a few times a month but today its been something else completely. It feels like well im not sure, its like i am dizzy but im not, definately dissorianted, it feels like things are moving, if i stare at one point i.e a photo it feels my eyes are being pulled away from it whilst im looking at it. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this and what you do to comabt it. Wouldnt mind if I was drunk but im not.

Much love


Evening Tom I had something similar. The only way I could describe it to people was it was the feeling you (I) get after 2 or 3 large glasses of wine. Sort of a “fuzzy” head. Lovely feeling on a night out, but not every day. I kept thinking I would wake up and it would be gone. It didn’t go away. It was probably the first feeling I had when I thought, “Something ain’t right”. GP kept fobbing me off. Said it was all in my mind. What did she know?!!! Much better now though. It’s just my b****y legs!!! Hope you get to the bottom of it. Have a pleasant evening. Al PS Love your songs!!!

Hi Tom It was exactly this, that made me see a GP in the first place. Diagnosed with labyrinthitis before other symptoms starting appearing and MS became the real culprit !! It’s vertigo and one of the really common symptoms with MS. I was prescribed stemitil which helped but could only use them for a few weeks before my neuro advised me to come of them as they prevent the brain from compensating and finding pathways around the damaged area which leads to the vertigo occurring. Maybe a trip to the GP for a prescription ? Xx

I had this too a few weeks ago, luckily it only lasted about 8 days. Hope yours doesn’t last to long either! Debs x

hi tom, i know this very well, it plagues me every day. I can say that maybe 9 of the last 12 months have featured this bizarre symptom, hope its just a brief encounter for yourself, meditation is good for it

Thanks guys and girls, this is very helpful for me.

I think I will take a trip to the GP, I didnt want to say it was Vertigo as I hadnt had this before and I know my wifes mum had it and was in bed for 3 days but hers was a one off.

Yes like having a few glasses of Vino its bizzare, I am waiting for a letter from my Nuro after my last lots of MRIs and bloods I dont know if I should wait to see her, the problem is last time I went to the doctor he told me I shouldnt be there and that I should see my nuro I was wasting his time he couldnt help. (although my nuro did tell me to go to the doctors he told me she shouldnt have done that he cant help)

I will take it all on board thanks a million

Its back again, for the last few hours, This thing sucks. I think a doctors appointment is in order.

It does Tom. It totally sucks. I am utterly fed up with it.

Does yours just come out out of the blue or do you have it constantly

I just dont understand, that it has come on again I am pretty sure thats 3 days in a row, for a good few hours a time, I was fine thismorning, well I couldnt walk propely still which has been 9 months now but just to come on. so random

I hate to say it but constantly, all day, every day, all night, every night for 7 long horrible months. But I think it’s something to do with the area of damage as neuro doesn’t think it’s going to go away. Yuck, yuck Xx

Mine was constant. I thought it was caused by the artificial lighting in my office, so just ignored it. Obviously it wasn’t!!! On a positive note, I am feeling good today. The legs don’t feel too bad. Almost felt like bounding round the office!!! Wife’s out tonight. Got me a nice bottle of Chilean Merlot and Comic Relief on the telly. Needless to say I’ll be fast asleep by 9. Oh the fatigue!!! Have a lovely evening everybody and a good weekend. Al

I was on stemitel for it for a while and it worked quite well. Then I went into hospital and had an anaesthetic as they needed to do a biopsy of a shadow inside my head (behind the nose) - well the anaesthetic was awful and had a terrible time after with really bad dizzy spells. My consultant then arranged a prescription of betahistine which worked really well and seemed much better than the stemitel so that could be worth while mentioning to the gp/neuro

I have had dizziness all my life but it has got worse in yhe last 5 years.i was thought to have menieres but ent consultants were never convinced and I have been on four different types of medications, unfortunately none of them work for me. I was diagnosed with MS two weeks ago after mri, mrs scansand llumbar puncture confirmed the diagnosis. I have got so usedto my world sspinning and feeling drunk all thetime, I hope mmedication works for you.

Thanks guys, your all brave to have that constantly, I feel lucky although it sucks it’s another day and its still hear

Ok so I gave up and went to see the Doctor, he gave me Stemetil Prochlorperazine maleate 5mg 3 time a day, he said:

I think you have Virtigo, I will give you something to take for 1 week, come and see me, if you still have it I will try something else and send a letter to your nuro as this will be a new Symptom, if it goes which I hope it will then I will stop the pills and if your symptoms come back, Ill write a letter to your nuro as you will have a new symptom.

We will soon see. x x