anyone else???

I'm fairly new here, I haven't been diagnosed just refered to the neuroligist. I was advised by my doc to come on here, and i did firstly just reading! Then i fell and decided to write and the support was overwhelming, for that i would like to say Thank you... 

And so I find myself back, with a couple of questions, I maybe should go to the doctors but I feel I could be there all the time with the little things that happen, and he could be helping someone that really needs help... Anyway to the point!

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had the feeling they are on a boat???? yep a boat! my head and eye's feel odd, I would go so far as saying I actually feel like i'm swaying!! it's very disturbing and on several occasions i have had to hold on to something....

The other thing is I suffered extremely bad with water retention in my feet only, I know this could be a number of things, but it was coinciding with other symptoms!! I hope someone can shed some light on these's odd happenings! 

I was advised to write everything down by my doctor for the neurologist appointment, the list is getting bigger...Should I really put everything down???????




Hi Andrea

I have read about a syndrome some people get that makes them feel just like they are on a boat all the time! But I must say that when I am suffering from dizziness, that is what it feels like sometimes.

Sorry, can’t help with the water retention as I don’t suffer from this except in my bladder! I think you need to tell the neuro about the main problems you are suffering from but if you have an endless list there is probably not enough time in the appointment to cover everything.


Teresa xx

Hi Andrea

I also get that horrible feeling of giddyness so I would definitely mention it to your neuro when you do see him and any problems you may be having with your eyes/vision.

The water retention could be due to a number of things as you said, so maybe that may be something worth mentioning to your GP if it continues - not all things are necessarily related to ms type symptoms.

Things to add to your 'neuro' list? Well, things like pain, numbness, giddyness, fatigue etc etc. It's best to keep your notes as brief and to the point as possible really but ensuring that you cover your main points of concern. First appts normally include an examination by the neuro and time is fairly limited so try to get as much out of your appt as possible. Go through the list with him and give him a copy of it afterwards. He should ask you questions too - what step he decides to take from there largely depends on information you can give him and the examination etc.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Debbie xx


Thanks to you both, It's hard to know exactly what the doctor meant by list everything... The main issue's i'm having are the pins and needles, numbness and this tearing sensation in my arm, which i'm finding is limiting my use! And recently I actually fell not triped or stumbled, which I have become remarkable at... It happens so often now i've come to expect to hit the deck..fortunately my feet have only ever stayed put once and my body carried on without them!

I found the water rentention odd because it was only in my feet, I will mention it to the doc on my next visit... My vision is odd when I have this 'on the boat feeling' hence the holding on to something for fear of falling.. tiredness is worse but isn't everyday, some days I feel great, apart from this arm thing! which is more annoying than painful.. I have noticed that my legs feel like lead, I guess thats the best way to discribe them, so heavy and achy..

I will definitely narrow the list down to the major things, so thanks again for the advice..


That vertigo feeling is terrible for me.I lay in bed and its so bad I actualy feel I am going to fall out of bed.I dont get any real warning that its going to happen,its also sickly.

Doctor sugested you write all these things down so you dont forget to tell the neuro all your symptoms you are having.I wish I had written everything down.


Hello Andrea!

Don't feel bad - I've got a list as long as my arm!!! He's gonna get  both barrels with me!! I'm even practising how much I can get in in 10 minutes!!! I've waited so long to see him I swear I'll sit on him if he tries to escape!!!! lol




I'm waiting to see a neuro too, my epilepsy neuor has referred me to the ms neuro. I too have a lot of the same symptoms.

I get horrible dizziness, never thought of it as being on a boat but I know what you mean, I feel like everything is rocking and I'm not. I have to close my eyes and hang onto something so I don't fall over.


When is your neuro appointment?


I'm getting quite use to swaying...and falling over.  I'm a good bouncer.  The worst one I find is coming down stairs without looking down, if I look down it's as if I'm on a really fast escallator going the wrong was and I fall down them lol. 

Never had any water retention though- although I did bloat when I was on steriodes.  Are you on any medication?  Could be an allergic reaction?


Got my appointment through, 12th May!! Thought it was going to be ages so really pleased about that,,, I am on pain killers but have been for some time so i'm sure it's not them that caused the water retention.. Going to my docs tomorrow so will ask her then...

This boat dizzy rocking is getting worse, if i turn quickly... wow that's it i'm sure if i was to do it standing up, well i wouldn't be standing for long....

hope everyone is well, as well as you all can be..