Hi strange question… how did you start? What were your symptoms? I have a list lol. You are probably used to that by now. Did you look online at Dr Google? I did and type in my symptoms and it threw up MS. Thing is I have a diagnosis of fibronyalgia which I know can cross over with symptoms of MS so I don’t know what to think. I’ve been keeping a diary of when and where lol. My symptoms- you are probably over the top with excitement to read them lol Dizziness and drunk feeling Losing balance Widespread pain Really bad cognitive difficulties (at times I become dior I enraged and struggle to even speak) Fatigue - I’ve never felt so tired ever Foggy head Muscle stiffness Struggling with blurry vision however this only happens when I flare and feels more like sleep covering my eye making it difficult for me to see left eye only Migraines Other things I can’t think of Now I have a lot of the above symptoms all of the time but some only occur during a flare. The dizziness balance etc for example and it lasts for as long as the flare but it spikes too. Now I rang the brain and spine foundation because a Dr told me I wasn’t allowed to drive but didn’t do any investigations and I felt alone and scared. They suggested I push to see a neurologist and said whilst they couldn’t diagnosis me that my symptoms were similar. Anyway lol long story I know. How did you get to the point? Do my symptoms sound reasonable bearing in mind I do have FMS as well. Sorry but feeling confused Thanks

I went to hospital with what I believed was probably a minor stroke. I didn’t google anything as I didn’t want to sit there and say yes I have that and that.

All I can suggest is seing a neurologists. I haven’t much experience in all this, I’m new to all these strange involuntary sensations and symptoms.

hope this all works out for you and you get the answers you need x

Hi Lizzie, two years ago I was at a kiddies party with my daughter. It was a hot day and I felt dizzy, clumsy, tripping over both my feet and my words. I also had a bone-deep fatigue. I did what I now do not recommend and paid about £35 for a full health report. It was big…I printed it out. I’d noticed my pupils being different sizes and weird sensations on my skin, tinnitus…it came back with percentages of risk for all kinds of things. I didn’t think MS straight away but something else, though MS was mentioned as a small possibility. I went to my GP (telling her nothing of this!) and she suggested keeping a symptom diary. It took 15 months before I saw a neuro and received a diagnosis of FND (all tests coming back clear or normal). I’m waiting for a second neuro appointment after more symptoms cropped up including myoclonic jerks (now almost gone) and possible Optic Neuritis. I Google but try to put the word of medical professionals and my own intuition first. So, I’m still in Limboland (Functional Neurological Disorder possibly being just an umbrella term for ‘real symptoms but no organic cause found’) Good luck!