Well I didn't expect this to happen to me!

Hello everyone

I find myself posting on here due to the fact that I feel strangely at home and can relate to just about everything people are talking about with the different symptoms. My back story is that I was at work one week ago when an overwhelming feeling of memory loss, weakness in hands, slurring or slowing down of speech followed by tightness in chest and blurred vision oh and also vertigo balance issues. So after driving home feeling extremely drunk with brain fog I end up at my local A&E all confused.

After 5 hours of waiting to see the GP and the symptoms still ongoing he breaks the news of I think your having a stroke, which is a little worrying to say the least. After admission to a stroke ward followed by tests and a CT scan they confirm I’m not having a stroke. The results from my scan did show an artefact at the back where the brain meets the stem. They discharged me as my life is not in danger and I am to wait for a neurologist appointment in a month’s time.

With the evidence of these symptoms and the aid of the internet I find myself being signposted to the MS forum. WOW I’m now looking back over my life and medical history and it feels like a huge jigsaw puzzle and the MS bit is the missing piece to all this. Like I said I’m still not diagnosed but I can’t help but think of far to many coincidences for it to be anything but. I’m now monitoring my symptoms on a daily basis and recording it all ready for my forthcoming appointment. Only now when I look back I believe I’ve always had these symptoms and just adjusted to cope without complaining to a doctor, it’s only when an episode would completely stop me in my tracks that I would see my GP. But they would always put it down to a dodgy back and trapped nerves I now know it was the crippling spasticity which immobilised me for days and sometimes weeks.

I’m 44 now and after 16 years service in the Army have I suspected something is not quite right. Looking back over the last year it seems to of progressed as everyday life has become more difficult even with getting dressed in the mornings is such an effort lol.

after understanding the hot trigger thing people are mentioning I’m more observant of the symptoms after a hot shower but they don’t subside like they used to I’m stuck with them. I am also experiencing all of the main symptoms and now I’m connecting them with my mood swings, I thought I had ptsd or just crazy ? Will my memory and spelling come back to me or am I stuck?

So the journey begins to diagnosis hopefully quickly so I can get the help I need or is it to late I feel I’ve had this condition a long time



hi robbie

wait for your appointment and meanwhile write down how it all began,

whether symptoms got worse, improved or went away altogether.

put rough dates on these.

treatment depends on whether or not you are diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms or primary progressive ms.

make yourself familiar with the names of the DMDs to make it easier to discuss them with your consultant.

the fact that you’ve had the symptoms for a long time shouldn’t matter.

good luck and stay strong

carole x

Hi Robbie, Keeping a log of your symptoms for the appointment is the best thing you can do. It’ll be easy to forget the details when the questions start. Don’t get too fixated on MS though. There are other conditions that mimic these symptoms and you don’t want to be “thinking” yourself into box. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes, Anthony