Moving Ground

For the last 8-12 months when i walk/stand it feels like the floor is moving it is getting worse. Is it possible this is vertigo? I don’t feel dizzy but due to the symptoms i feel trapped in my home as i am terrified to go out. Has anyone felt like this?

one of my ms symptoms of ms was feeling like i was on a boat - I felt like I was like captain Jack Sparrow

I have had vetigo aswell but that was different - couldnt lift my head without the room spining, it would take a few moments for my vision to catch up with what my eyes were looking at

did that make any sense?

Thanks for the reply. Well it doesn’t sound like vertigo. I’ve had that feeling like I’m on a boat before this is not that it affects my balance too i can be standing still or walking & i suddenly pitch forward & lose my balance. I think I’m going to have to try & see my gp.

Hi @Redbabe1, this is an interesting post. Do you feel like this all of the time or occasionally throughout the day? I ask as I experience something similar, I can be standing still then lose my balance either toppling sidewards or forwards, rarely backwards. It is sudden and causes me to try and grab something. Is this an ms symptom, I’m not sure. I can understand why you feel nervous to go out, which is not great either. Let us know how you get on.

Hopefully you will get some answers and or some suggestions of how to help.

The feeling when i walk is constant , the feeling of tipping forward comes & goes. It is affecting my ability to exercise so I’m gaining weight which in turn is I believe affecting circulation to my legs & feet. I am trying to see my gp but no bookable appts for weeks so i have to phone everyday :woman_shrugging: