Hi all!

Was formally dx in June this year - am also 25 weeks pregnant.

For the last year or so I have found that heights of any kind make me feel very uncomfortable. I feel dizzy and as if I am falling forward. I feel both panicked and unstable. I worry now about walking downstairs and am not comfortable unless I am holding on to something.

I’ve never been bothered by heights of any kind before

Just wondered if this is vertigo? Or if it could just be a little idiosyncrasy of getting older and more terrified of everything!

Would appreciate other people’s experiences

PG xx

Anyone? xx

Hello PG. I have problems with feeling dizzy since my diagnosis but nothing to do with heights. It’s possible that lesions in the part of your brain that effect balance could be the culprit. That’s what my then Neuro told me regarding my lesions. Take care x

Thank you both for your replies. I’ll mention it to my lovely MS nurse - I’m seeing her next month.

I’m sure it’s nothing fixable, but I just wondered whether it was MS related. It’s easy to assume everything is!

PG xx


I think what you’re experiencing is just a fear of heights which, may or may not be heightened because you’re pregnant…hormones and stuff!!

Vertigo is where the whole world around you is spinning around a bit like when you span around and made yourself dizzy when you were a kid. Or when you’re really drunk, lie down and the room spins!!

It’s usually caused by dislodging crystals in your ear or it can be caused by MS lesions in certain places near the ear.

Basically it’s horrible. I’ve had it a few times…think you’re dying, being sick and stuff. There are medications to ease it, Stemitel, Betahistine ring a bell!!

If in doubt see your g.p who might be able to help.