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Which one do you find is the best for weight loss and ms symptoms do you find giving up dairy helps?

i am looking at wahls i have read the book and spoke to 2 people who had uveitis specials told me it will go on its own that was 3 years ago, those i spoke to said theres went after doing wahls, do you think a diet helps?


Marie xx

Hi Marie,

The two big ones are Wahl & Jelinek but there’s also Overcoming MS but I don’t know much about it,.

I’m not convinced about any of it with PPMS to be honest, they seem to relate more to RRMS. I’ve had a crack at mimic-fasting for weight control and to try to get my body to help itself. Still not a miracle but helpful and me and hubby manage to fit it in with normal life - here’s my blog if you want a look:

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia xx

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I have been following the Swank/Jelinek model for over a year now, although I had been a vegetarian since the mid-1970s.

As you know, the diet is essentially vegan but supplemented occasionally with oily fish, with the idea of minimising your saturates intake; the main culprit for this in a vegan diet is, of course, coconut. In addition, I drink some home made kefir, based either on coconut or hemp milk, every day and I eat plenty of kimchi. Wonderful stuff.

What are the benefits? Well, there are plenty of interesting foods to eat and plenty of recipes. It keeps me alert for most of the day, possibly due to the elimination of dairy products, and I just feel a lot healthier. It is also essential for maintaining a good weight, now that I am less mobile, which also helps with self-esteem.

It is one weapon in my armoury against MS; the others being mainly exercise, Vitamin D 5000iu daily, CBD products and Biotin. I believe that this combination works for me and enables me to live well without the need to take any prescription medicines such as Gabapentin.

Keep filling your head with stuff (read papers and books), listen to music, go to concerts and the theatre as much as is possible. I am now restricting myself to daytime concerts as I seriously flag in the evenings.

I am sorry to have gone off on a tangent. I hope you find a diet that works for you.

Best wishes,


Yeah I think I am going to do wahls and use coconut milk instead of dairy I want to get mobile again I have only had ms 5 years in November I just declined after a 6 month water infection and going to a gp for a year telling me I was fine before I was tested for ms. I want off my meds as they don’t really help much I am waiting for biotin so be approved as I don’t want to take a powder, I am doing ms gym exercise programme too it does help but stuck in a wheelchair after a fall that gave me a fracture which hasn’t healed cause I am not mobile. Thanks Marie xx


I am sorry to hear about your fall and I do hope your fracture heals in time.

You write about Biotin being approved; I assume you meany by EMA and NICE? No company is currently seeking licences through these agencies as trials are still ongoing and not due to end until 2019. Take a look at the helpful article on the MS Trust website.

​Taking it in powder form is quite straightforward, if you care to try it. Take a look at the Facebook site for Biotin where there are useful files outlining dosages, where to obtain Biotin and measuring spoons or scales.

It has not been a miracle cure for me but I believe it has slowed down the progression and enabled me to retain a certain degree of mobility. I cannot walk far but I am able to walk around the house and garden with a stick and/or a rollator. I am grateful for that.

If you do decide to take CBD and Biotin, I hope they work for you. Certainly the change in diet will be beneficial.

Best wishes,