dr terry wahls paleo plus diet

Is anyone on the dr terry wahls paleo plus diet for ppms?

there were a great many people on that diet. i read through it but decided it wasn’t for me. i tried the Best Bet Diet with disastrous results - no dairy, no wheat, no pulses - i was a semi vegetarian at the time so ended up hardly eating anything. the terry wahls diet seemed do-able but i never took the plunge. george jelinek “Overcoming MS” is a good read and you can get a copy for free. it sounds like good common sense except i don’t like oily fish! good luck with whatever you choose to try. carole x

I’ve got PPMS and am on the Best Bet diet and managing quite well. My ms nurse wasn’t keen on me being on the Paleo diet. Have you got a partner or someone else who lives with you who can be a support and suggest good menus? My husband is great and dreams up all sorts of tasty dishes.

Best of luck with whatever you try.


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Trouble is they all contradict each other.

I bought the book “Overcoming MS”. Now colour me purple but having MS I have no ability to read copious amounts of pages or writing. I prefer short sharp information and lots of pictures lol. I opened the book and tried to read the first chapter and it was totally beyond me. It was so wordy, my brain just went into BLAH BLAH mode.

I cant even read posts if they have no paragraphs, it is just on big blur. When i write anything it takes me hours lol.

Upshot of it i believe is contradiction to the others.

He could have written a quick guide, eat more oily fish, diet, exercise, stress management, sunlight. Well thats it then.

As to exercise yeh ok, exactly how?

Honestly i find them all so different. One says eat soya beans, the other says dont, one says dairy is ok, the other not.

I follow my own diet.

I eat Mediterranean diet. All my mums sisters and my mum lived over 90, all FIVE of them lol. Italian.

No processed rubbish, sugary cakes, fat, or fried lots of colour on my plate. Suns out i sit in it for 15 minutes max it gives me vitimin D.

My D, B12, and iron are all healthy.

Maybe I should write my own diet for overcoming MS.

DIET. Throw the dinner plate out. Use the smaller plate. Fill with colour, no fried or fat, lots of fruit and veg, chicken, and fish, and oily fish, salmon at least once a week. Lots of water no sugary drinks. Limit caffeine. No gluten or soya. (all irritate and cause inflammation).

EXERCISE. Get out of bed, get downstairs. Open fridge bend gently with knees locate plant based butter. Stretch arm to bread bin, one slice wholemeal gluten free bread, move carefully to toaster, place in toaster and press button. when cooked spread butter on toast, place plate on tray trolley. Add fruit, and water and push trolley slowly and carefully to sitting room. sit down bending knees…so forth and so on. Exercise about 20 minutes overall a day lol. (then sit on reclner for several hours and rest for next stage of exercise locate the toilet.

STRESS MANAGEMENT. Easy block all calls from family.

SUNLIGHT. when you see the sun sit outside for 15 minutes keeping cooling vest on.

Oh walllah, i did it.

Happy Sunday. xxx


The trouble with the paleo diet is derived from a time when lives were short for a variety of reasons. I don’t see why a diet from thousands of years ago would hold the key to modern health problems, although I appreciate the benefits of low carb and low sugar. (Cutting too much fat can also be a bad thing.) The Mediterranean diet is another matter. That’s a way of life that’s been practiced for centuries.

As far as I’m concerned a balanced diet is all that’s necessary to stay healthy under normal circumstances. There hasn’t been enough research on diet and MS for any firm conclusions to be drawn on the benefits of one diet over another. It’s not likely that there will be any research because there’s no money to be made from healthy eating plans.


love your reply CD my local butcher whose family have run the shop for generations and who i trust completely has done a range of morroccan style stuff. burgers, sausages, chicken fillets etc. my general rule is that i am not a housefly and i don’t eat shit. i shop whenever possible at small local family run shops. the wholemeal bread is delicious. thanks carole x


I like the housefly / eat shit metaphor.

Nor am I and nor do I.



glad you likes it sue.

i aim to amuse!

HA HA love that …

got to use it. brilliant thank you carole. xx

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I have Had MS for 35 years and have seen diets for MS come and go and not one has made a difference.

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I don’t think most of the diets are intended to make a noticeable difference. My understanding is that they can delay progression in the case of PPMS and can make relapses less frequent and less severe in the case of rrms. I know someone with ms who was wheelchair bound about 18 years ago and ran the London marathon in just over 6 hours this year. He has never taken any medication and has followed the Best Bet diet with vitamins and supplements. He says he still has relapses but they are less frequent and much less severe. I see that as inspiration.

It’s a load of quackery, like all fad diets.


These diets are very restricted & shouldn’t be followed for long term. I object to the term ‘cure’ we all know at present this is not true. Otherwise most of us would not have a need for such forums cos we wouldn’t have MS if we followed the diet!!! Besides, I am not prepared to be disabled & miserable. A diet which is healthy, without depriving one’s self all the time, is a much better option. She also poo poo’s dietitians & nutritionalists, so as far as I’m concerned it’s bollocks. Just because they are Doctors, doesn’t make them experts in different fields, that’s why they called specialists, each to their own.


You go girl I totally agree 100 per cent. The only people making anything out of this is the people who write this stuff.

I can write one really I did above.

Eat healthy.

What ticks me off is some people follow it with RRMS and they naturally can have periods of remission. How do we know they are not in remission normally?

I have never really seen one written for PPMS.

I will carry on with my mediterranean diet, my mother brought me up on it being Italian, all her sisters and my mum lived over 90 years.


Just read this post and agree with much said.

I am overweight and the reason I want to lose weight is simple, I am needing more and more help and also having quite a few falls. I am embarrassed when medics suggest I need to wait for a lifting cushion so I am hoping to. shift a stone or more by cutting out bread and potatoes. They are my comfort foods. If I have fresh bread I eat too much…no butter or anything else on it,just the bread.

So far I have lost 2kgs in a month…other than the bread and potatoes I have always eaten lots of veg and fruit fish and chicken breast. No other meat as I don’t like it.

I love salads chopped and mixed up with apple grapes or seeds with either mayo or honey mustard dressing.

Keto diet recommended to me by doctor but I did not get along with it so back to the above.