Trying or tried the Wahls Protocol Diet?

Hi There,

I am hoping to hear from anybody who has tried the Dr Terry Wahls diet, and to hear how they have got on.

My husband was diagnosed with RRMS 4 years ago, and has been on Tysabri for two and a half years now, but has recently suffered a minor relapse.

We are now looking around (in desperation) to see if there is anything alternative he can now do to try and stem onslaught of the aggressive MS he is plagued with.

A friend of mine, who has lupus, has been on the paleo diet (a form of the Wahls diet) for 2 years now and has almost rid herself of all her medication and has transformed herself into a much healthier (although not cured) and happier person. She swears the diet is responsible for her amazing recovery.

My husband is currently reading the book, but we were wondering what other peoples experiences have been with this diet. IS it worth a go?

Many thanks for any feedback you can give.

Hi Mischeif, the Wahls diet is high in vegetables, including lots of green leafy vegetables. A healthy diet I am sure is going to help the body. There is some thought that MSers may not absorb vitamins from food that well so this would make having a good healthy diet important.

Hi, I’m not Wahls diet but the best bet diet not gluten,dairy,low sugar and low fat and take lots of supplements since I was dianosed with ms, I feel really well most of the time not sure if its the diet but will carry on doing what I’m doing.


An alternative which i follow is Swank. You can find it described on a free to access www site.

It basically says next to zero saturated fats; (ie, so long dairy products and everything derived from cows). Also, too bad if you are partial to a turkey drumstick or chicken wings.

but beyond that… it’s just a good honest, healthy diet.