Terry Wahls Diet

Can’t seem to find her mentioned on here, even though when doing my research on MS her name was everywhere! Anyone on here tried her diet? Waht results did you have?


I know nothing of this specific diet, but I Googled it and found it to be remarkably similar to the diet I have been following for most of 20 years.

Sadly on these boards there are few people who are excited by the possible benefits of diet to help with our condition. There are a handful but no more. In fact I just keep quiet for the main part about food intake these days due to deafening silence and indifference.

A while ago I used to post about recipes I liked or had discovered. In 2013 I don’t bother - few people respond. My diet is gluten free, low fat, low sugar. Plenty of vegetables, plenty of fish. I chose this regime after reading Roger McDougall’s book about ms when I was newly diagnosed in 1994.

For five or six years I was on Avonex but hated injecting. In fact I found the whole thing from being diagnosed to now a bit terrifying but I have learned how to deal with it as best I can. Since about 2009 I control my condition with sensible diet and regular alcohol.

I think there is something in diet. Whenever I have drifted from it I was visited by a relapse.

I wish you the very best of luck if you choose to take this route.