The diet.

Hello everyone.

I’m still trying to master this blog thing.

I’ve been on a major diet since last July and have now lost over two stone. I know previously people have discussed this in great detail, so in an attempt to be both pragmatic and rational, I’ve written an introduction which I intend to follow up with more information if anyone is interested.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Very impressive Steve!

I liked the subject, well written, funny and true! I particularly appreciated the larger text and spacing. Quite often I’m put off reading blogs because the text is small and spacing is tight. One blogger I follow has white text on black background. Very hard to read and puts me off before I even start to read.

I tweeted your blog. Hope you are on Twitter and tweeting them? Also remember to do #MS #Disability to try and reach a readership with things in common. On this blog I put #MS and #Diet.

Hope that makes sense!

Pat xx

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Good blog, Steve

No diet can be achieved without steely willpower. Having lost two stones already what more of an incentive do you need to carry on?

I have no idea how much more you intend to lose but i wish you well with your plan.



Very good Steve, i;m trying to lose half a stone by the 30th of April for our eldest sons wedding Iv’e bought a lovely mother of the groom dress, its gorgeous but its fitted and iv’e got visions of me sat in my wheelchair with the zip undone at the backl. Do you think anyone will notice ??? I must admit i have on occasion left a skirt unbuttoned…you can get away with it in a chair.

Lee’s just been on a fabulous cooking course, it was free for people with diabetes, run by the nhs it was so good he’s been making all kinds of healthy soups they were really nice.

Michelle x

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