Diet part two.


Some more thoughts on the diet. It’s not my place to dictate to anyone about such matters but writing things down is really helping me keep it going and push for my ideal weight. I really would like to get down to twelve and a half stone.

It can also be tricky to advise people on what equipment to buy as money can be an emotive issue. I’d dare say there is no real definitive list-just a list of some of the things that help me.

I’ll try and make the third instalment the last one.

Best wishes, Steve.


Good blog Steve, you have my total admiration with your diet, well done you.


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I enjoyed the blog Steve. I struggle with knives now so I buy a lot of frozen veg (it lasts longer too, and there’s less waste as I need only take out what I need). Frozen chopped onions are fabulous, they taste just as good, I suffer less injuries and my standing time preparing a meal is cut a lot. If I buy butternut squash for example where there’s too much for Jen and myself I chop the whole thing and freeze what I don’t need.

I’ve found that we eat more veg now as I can haul it from the freezer to the steamer or pan and we don’t have to eat the same stuff for 2-3 days in a row before it goes off. My eye level oven was also a good investment as I manage to get the food from the oven to the plate without needing to scrape it up from the floor when my back or balance fail me.

Good luck with the diet, I need to loss 3 1/2 stone but I seem to find the pounds I lose within weeks. I’m determined like you though. Keep up the blog, you’re a good writer.

Cath x


I am in love with my new piece of kitchen equipment - a soup maker. My blender died and as I only use it for soup, I replaced it with a soup maker. Sceptical at first as I’m not one for gadgets, but this is a great help with dieting and also increasing veggie input. Fab soup in 20 mins plus chopping, but you can use, eg, packs of butternut squash and sweet potato. Coarse chopping will do as the machine blends it down or you can have it a bit chunky, or smooth and add chickpeas, butter beans, whatever, and with a chunk of bread it’s a total meal. Worth every penny!


Sounds excellent to me Lynda. I think going for a lot of vegetable based meals has really helped me. The soup maker I use is called Jo (my lovely wife.) The most used gadget in our house is the bread machine. It gives us complete control.

If you’d have said to me I’d be advocating this sort of food 15 years ago. I’d have choked on my bacon sandwich. (Now an occasional treat.)

Best wishes, Steve. x


Good blog Steve,

Lee makes brilliant soups. Recently he went on a diabetic cooking course and he has made some gorgeous soups and instead of adding cream he adds cannelloni beans and once whizzed up with the mini blender they give it a creamy taste, Yummy!

Michlle x


Had a very pleasant surprise this morning. Decided to weigh myself - which l have not done since before xmas. l have been doing the 5-2 diet - and had lost over a stone before xmas - but did think l might have put the pounds on as l have not been quite so diligent over the last 10 weeks. lmagine my delight when l found l had lost another 7lbs - so now 9st-7. Have been making lots of different soups - which l also find is a quick and easy way of getting lots of healthy veg/pulses etc. l do not eat bread with it - as l do try to keep off grain.

My favourite soups are Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls - Butternut and Nut Butter - made with butternut squash and peanut butter - with fresh ginger/coriander and chilli. Well nice. So is celery and broccoli soup - made in 20 mins and served with a blob of blue cheese melting in it. Smoked Haddock / sweetcorn and potato chowder is a meal on its own. l use a Bamix - stick blender to blend it - so easy as you do it straight in the pan.

We have leeks and perpetual spinach growing in the garden - and a friend grows corn on the cob - which we freeze. l have a super peeler - from amazon - a Turbo titanium peeler. lt easily peels tough skins like the squash - swede - celeriac - had it for years and it is still just as sharp.


Frances, how marvelous! You really are doing well.

I dieted for 8 weeks after christmas and may have lost half a stone…but I got fed up and gave up…again!


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Well done SJ. I’m too chicken to get on the scales. I love chowder, ham and sweet potato is my favourite, found the recipe in a free ASDA mag and my daughter now cooks it often. I find it more filling than soup.

Cath x

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Well done Spacejacket, you really inspire me and those recipes sound amazing.

Michelle x

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