Can anyone recommend a good diet

Hi guys Hope you are as well as you can be and getting some sunshine. Can anyone suggest a diet that works, I know the best thing to do it eat less and exercise more. Well iam in a wheelchair now so exercise no good, and without putting masking tape over my mouth(that’s a thought) I’m finding it hard. Since leaving work 6 months ago I have put on 2 stone. When I’ve spoken to my MS nurse she says that the medication iam on doesn’t help. But can anyone help with any other suggestions please. Thanks from (big blobby) Deborah

I lost a stone with slimming world, it took me six months but I only had a stone to lose it seems the more you have to lose the quicker it goes. That was last year and I’m maintaining the loss. I honestly have never eaten as much I just eat differently. If you can get to a group you get the support, tips and advice first hand but you can also do it online. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Jan

I’m having double egg and chips for lunch all part of my plan :slight_smile:

If you are on Facebook type ‘’ SW Diaries & Selling ‘’ into the search bar and a Slimming World page will come up. It’s not an official page but it will help you with ideas and recepies. I went to one of the classes and got the books and then did it from home with the help of this group. Good Luck…

I am the heaviest I have ever been and as you say being in a wheelchair no exercise worth mentioning so maybe I need a diet Don

As I go to post this the Hairy Bikers has just started I am now officially hungry thje pulled pork roll I had for lunch seems miles away

Cooking shows? I’ve had to give them up… can’t watch one without being starving… and like most of the country I would be watching them cook some amazing meal whilst eating toast and jam… Pat xx :slight_smile:

I think diet is on the cards for tonight’s course. I’ll let you know if anything interesting crops up. Notebook at the ready as brain doesn’t seem to be working.

Cath xx