Need advice please?

Have too lose a stone in weight as need a stoma as my muscles in my bowl have now given up. Seen a lovely consultant but see said I do need to lose the weight off my tummy as the op it’s a small thing, anyway the help I need is I’ve looked at trying Raspberry Ketones with Detox Clense for a month has anyone tried them? Any advice please?

Thank Deborah

Don’t work. Save your money (particularly because quite you get signed up for repeat direct debits with them online and you can’t get out of them - real scams!!!) Work on the assumption that all of these “take this pill and you will be slim” are all my eye.

The only way to lose weight is - I’m sorry to say - to consume less than you need. Long term, things like Slimming World and WeightWatchers are good and some people on here say good things about the 5:2 diet or similar - they are all about changing your long term eating habits (portion control etc). As a QUICK pre op crash diet though (from personal experience) a sub-1000 calorie diet based on 2 servings of SlimFast (blended with some frozen berries) and a low calorie ready meal for dinner (WeightWatchers or Tesco/Sainsbury’s Value ranges are good) is good for a couple of weeks but not for any lengh of time because of boredom! I lost a stone+ before my last op like this but I was VERY overweight.

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Thanks guys I’ve lost two stone by dieting the old fashioned way, but now that I can’t move as restricted to the wheelchair can only rely on what I put into my mouth, I’m currently on the 2:5 diet by because of the stoma I need to lose more I will keep going, will just have to tell the stoma nurse I’m due to see next week I’m doing my best. Thanks again for you response Deborah

Good luck Deborah. I am struggling to loose weight you are not alone.


Hello Deborah.

We’ve spoken about this before. Getting ast the two tone mark is hard. I shocked my body by having a lot more fruit and no carbohydrates with occasional carb days. Basically I’ve counted the calories and set a strict 1000 per day whiost varying my food types.

Good luck, Steve. x

Hi Deborah,

I’ve managed to lose a stone and a half by simply cutting out sugar and keeping a strict eye on portion size…I’d say roughly that I’ve reduced my portion size to between a third to half of what I used to eat. I would have liked to lose another half stone but I seem to have settled at 10st 5lbs. However, dieting slowly the way I did I’m hoping that it has become a long term sensible eating plan rather than a diet.

I know it’s not easy when we can’t excersize but nevertheless I wish you the best of luck.

Take care,

Nina x

Hi there Debs, huge congrats on your fab attitude to a stoma op & 2 stone weight loss. Hopefully, after the op, you’ll have more self confidence & no worry of bowel activty of ifs, when etc.

All quick fix diets are unhealthy. Adverts promise diet pills work are exaggerated & a waste of money. Even the 1 month free trial cashes in within 7-14 days by taking £60 + from your bank because the ‘1 month free trial’ suppliers activate your direct debit authority within 10 days.

The only way to lose weight, in our circumstances, is to eat 8 portions of fruit & veg per day (5 a day is insufficient for us PPMS’rs). Natural yoghurt 0% fat, mixed with fresh fruit that has natural sugar. Avoid sweeteners & Sugar Free fizzy drinks, juice etc - they have chemical Aspartame to sweeten but this is a known carciogenic (cancer causing). Salmon, mackerel, salad, use sweet potatoes or butternut squash instead of ordinary potatos. No white bread, just brown wholemeal or rye. Lots of beetroot & tomatoes. Also check your meds side effects for weight gain with your GP.

Good Luck Deborah, from Chris x