I'm on a diet.


It’s a bit of a tricky one-to diet or not to diet? We have a reasonable excuse for being over weight and food may be one of the few pleasures we have left, so what is the point in trying to lose weight? But then again, it’s something that can be achieved. Something to be proud of perhaps? So here we go. Wish me luck.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Steve, I hope the diet goes well, I think a lot of us have the same problem. iv’e put a little bit on since being in the wheelchair or at least thats what i blame it on…oh and the constant cravings for chocolate. I did try slimming world a few months ago but struggled to stand on the scales i needed help from someone so i didn’t land on my bum

Michelle x


l have been doing the 5-2 diet for a few weeks. lt not only helps you lose weight but also is supposed to boost your brain and transform your health. And prevent type 2 diabetes.

What l like is that you eat normally for 5 days out of 7 - and cut down - fast - for 2 - and they do not need to be consecutive.

Women its 500 calories - Men 600 calories. and it is surprising what you can eat for those amount of calories. l do find that l do not eat so much as l did on the feasting days. l think as your stomach shrinks on the fasting day - you are not so hungry afterwards.

l bought from amazon so really good books on the 5-2 diet by Kate Harrison. Diet Book and Recipe Book - makes life easier when you can see exactly what you can have to eat. Apart from lots of recipes - there is also ready meals listed - from supermarkets and with low calories.

Surprisingly, l have so much more energy on the fasting days. l think it puts your body into ‘flight and fight’ mode.

The books have made it easier. And l lost 8lbs in 3 weeks.


good luck Steve. i lost 21lbs last year with slimming world, but i am putting it back on now,due to eating chocolate again,i joined slimmingworld online and found it really good,but i am going to try the 5-2 diet after.

i am borderline diabetic so i need to keep the weight down if i can.

J x

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My asthma nurse seemed shocked I’d put on a stone. She said since March… Boo. Guess that biscuit addiction didn’t help… so bye bye custard creams, cream and jam (lidl jammie dodgers) and the bourbons. … :frowning: Best of luck Steve !!! (I’m so grumpy when I’m hungry)

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Best of luck Steve!

I did manage to lose a stone a few months back. Mainly I think because I gave up drinking concentrated orange juice and started drinking water… and got a Nutribullet & started have a smoothie every day (or almost every day… sometimes I forget).

Also I have main meal at lunchtime and a small meal at 6 pm… just a salad or beans on toast or something small like that.

My main reason for wanting to keep my weight down… apart from vanity!.. is I want to avoid getting diabetes type 2… which is ‘auto immune’ like MS (reckon it’s hard enough dealing with MS!)

Let us know how you get on,

Pat xx


Good luck Steve, wouldn’t it be great if the medication didn’t make us gain weight, what with that and lack of mobility makes it difficult.

Let us know how it goes.

Pam x


Thanks for the encouragement and advice.

I’ve had a scattering of successful regimes over 30 years or so-none permanent, obviously. I think it’s just a case of being strict. I’m already feeling better and enjoying food much more now I’ve put a lock on the ever-open door.

When I was a student I was called FE. Fridge emptier.

Best wishes, Steve.


Good luck hope it’s going well.

Jan x

Good luck Steve, I keep saying I need to loose a stone but I can’t get serious about it, I am sixty in a few days time and feel I deserve the extra weight

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I realised having MS did not give me a ‘get out of jail free card’! I’d had an X-ray done and the operator said where’s your hip, mortifying. I got the 5 - 2 diet book, I try not to sit for too long I wobble around (scary to watch) and it works! Keep up the good workM x

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Hello again.

The brutal regime has yielded encouraging results so far. I’m aiming to get below 15 stone by the end of November when I reach the grand old age of 60. I started off slowly early in August but only became really strict by the end of the month. A pound a week would be good. It’s slow. I think I’ll watch some paint dry.


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Good luck Steve.

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Good luck Steve…keep up the good work!

Nina x

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Hi Steve,

good luck with the dieting. I seem to have been on a diet all my life and it wasn’t so long ago I could lose a stone in a few weeks. Not anymore!

I will have to start again as clothes are getting tighter. My heart is saying " what the hell go up a size" but the sensible me is saying it’s making my mobility worse lose weight.

I wish I could blame the overactive thyroid but truth be told it’s overeating.

Oh well!! My name is Mags I’m an over eater.

Keep going Steve you know it’s worth it.

Mags xx

l am still keeping to the 5-2 diet. Lost 9lbs now - and seem to have stuck at that. But on the days when l can eat - l find l do not want to eat much. Must be the slowly shrinking stomach. Certainly do not crave chocolate or biscuits anymore. And l do have more energy and alertness. But that could be the amount of B vits l take now. Biotin B7/B Complex/Thiamine B1/ B12 -

lt does feel good getting into jeans that were too tight - and now finding them too loose. l have given my mum two pairs that l had bought earlier in the year - and now find them too big. Mum is 92 - and still loves her jeans.

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House move has thrown us but we’re getting back to the 5:2 thing for sure I don’t think I could diet as such but only chopping cals 2 days a week is manageable and most importantly, I can still cope with my Tecfidera tablets, tho some lessons learnt (soup alone causes a hideous flush quite quickly, so some tortilla chips is advisable)

Sonia x


Good for you, go for it!

I lost nearly two stone a year ago. Unfortunately I had a change of medication and on piled the weight. And of course my back to over eating, I can’t lie! So, all in all, I have put on about a stone and a half. I am so fed up and annoyed with myself.

So I am glad that you have taken yourself in hand (!) so to speak!!

A lot of us have lots of reasons and a few excuses not to lose weight. We are all behind you and look forward to hearing how you get on.